Maintaining Lace Pattern?

Little confused as to how to maintain my lace pattern while separating the sleeves. I knit 8 and then, in my lace pattern, I k35 for the right front (of my cardigan).

THEN I’m supposed to slip 56 stitches onto scrap yarn to set aside to be knit later for the arms. Then, in lace pattern, knit the back, slip other arm sts and then, again in lace pattern, knit the left front.

HERE’S my question… I’m knitting in lace pattern and I get to where I’m slipping the sleeves. Since pattern said to maintain lace pattern, do I go ahead and knit this row ALL in the lace pattern including those I’m slipping off to scrap yarn. Do I just knit those 56 sts in the lace pattern and THEN move them all at once to the scrap yarn? Seems like that would be easiest.

Is everyone now as confused as I am? I know I’m making this harder than it should be.

I’d do whatever is easiest. One row won’t make a difference in the long run. Just make a point to remember where in the lace pattern you stopped the sleeves so you’re not confused about where to start again.