Main project

Knitting this sweater in Sugar’n’Cream, color sunshine, with elbow-length sleeves. It was my main project, that is, until I discovered mitered sqaures and modular knitting. Sadly, it’s gotten pushed aside, but I intend to return to it starting this weekend. Really. I intend to…

That sure looks nice! Got any pics of the wip?
I know about making sweaters or tops, I only have the 2 sleeves left to do on mine but it’s been on the shelf for months:knitting:

Ooooh, I love to make sweaters. They are my favorite thing to do next to handbags.

Need to get the film developed. (I’d really love a digital camera, Santa!) I’ll post a photo as soon as I can. I’m enjoying the stitch, it’s my first attempt at anything like lace. My first sweater was plain stockinette, knitted in the round from the top down. I’m torn between two designs for my next one. One is a nice cable, the other is made of mitered squares. Maybe the mitered squares, as I’m enjoying them very much and like the way they look in a sweater.