Mailman vent (yes yarn related!)

I had a delivery of some yarn expected today (as well as a new pair of Crocs for my job.) I knew they were supposed to be here today and was looking forward to them waiting for me when I got home. I had to take my middle child to her ballroom dance class but left my teen and youngest child at home. There were no cars in the driveway so the mailman presumed no one was home. I came home not to new shoes and a box full of yarn but to a little card saying that I can pick my packages up tomorrow at the post office (which is NOT the post office 3 miles from my house but the post office 10 miles from my house!) I asked my son who was in the living room watching TV if he saw the mailman come by and he said yes but that he never came to the door. He knew I was expecting these packages and so was on the look out for them. My mailman is the laziest ever. He’s even honked at me to come get a large bundle of mail after we came home from a vacation because he didn’t want to bring it to the door. I’ve seen him drive right by mailboxes with flags raised when it was raining because he didn’t want to get wet (I’m not joking, he drove his route but didn’t pick up any mail!) After the hurricanes he wouldn’t deliver to anyone’s home who didn’t have a box standing and unobstructed even though the local postmaster said that all mail would be hand delivered if a box wasn’t available for a month!

I was so hoping that I would be able to knit on my new wool tonight. I’ve finally decided to knit a real adult sized sweater for my trip to Oregon in December and was hoping I could get started tonight. Nope, I have to go to the post office tomorrow before I go to work, get my yarn and shoes, go to work and then come home and knit. DARN IT! I’m definitely complaining!

Awww, that sucks. :frowning:

I was waiting on yarn today too and came home to a notice that it was left at the office (we live in a condo/apt complex). I went over to the office, but they were closed. :verysad:

So, I"m totally feeling ya with the mailman woes. :muah:

There’s nothing worse than a shoddy postal worker!!! Mine regularly upsets me. So many times have I come home to see packages crammed into the mailbox, half hanging out for the entire world to see! The worst part is I live on a pretty busy street where anyone could just reach out, grab it, and make off with my goodies!! So I definitely can feel your pain!

check your phonebook and see if you can find the name of the postmaster… because this is shoddy service…
If he doesn’t want his job surely they can hire someone else who will start for$22 hr (what the ads in the newspapers say)
Report his behaviors… he is not doing his job and it needs to be addressed…!! :neutral: :-x

I hear ya. My mailman used to be the most awesome mailman ever. Very sweet man. He still is but I think that his mail delivering days should be over. He regularly delievers mail to the wrong houses, loses mail that needs to be taken to the post office :wall: :wall: only a few more months :doh:

I work for a company that regulary delivers statments. I hear all these excuses all the time. The best thing that works… is as follows:
a. the postmaster generally ignores all complaints, I once had a letter take 8 days to go literally 6 miles round trip… from my house to post office to business.
b. the way to get attention is to get a signed letter. if you know your neighbors are having the similar trouble draft a formal letter telling dates, examples etc. Have all the neighbors sign with their names & addressess printed below signature.
c. send to postmaster general in Washington D.C. When I did this, with in 2 weeks they sent a review group down & interviewed those that had sent a letter… there were 20 names on my letter. My mail service improved 100%.
d. It is a fact, that unless you live in the country, the mailman does NOT have to pick up your mail if he has no delivery to that mail box. this is wrong… but a fact.
hope this helps…

I would report him too. He is clearly NOT doing what he is getting a pay check to do! :grrr:

My UPS guy rings the bell then runs back to his truck. I open the door quickly and yell “THANK YOU” and happily bring in my package and he waves bye to me. :muah:

Yikes! I wish you all lived on MY mail route. I am a great letter carrier to my customers…yes, I brag!

There are worse things than shoddy postal workers…trust me! :slight_smile:

We live in a village our address number 17 Ling Way there is also a Ling Close just around the corner…
We are now on first name terms with the other people and spend most of our days swapping mail.
For some reason the mailman can’t tell the difference :wall:

We have told him a hundred times but he still does it. Its just easier to swap the mail ourselves.

I hate it when you are really looking forward to receiving something and know it should arrive and then it doesnt especially when its the mailmans fault. Juts think how lovely the wool will feel when you actually get it now!

:hug: Sharon

Thanks for all the empathy. I’m leaving in just a few moments to go to the post office. I’ve always had wonderful mail carriers in the past. One mail carrier would even walk packages around to the back of my townhouse and leave my packages on the back porch rather than risk having them exposed to the high traffic that passed in front of our place. My partner’s father is retired from a small town post office (where we lived for 6 years) and we knew all the mail carriers by name (as did everyone in town LOL!) They were the nicest people. We’ve been living in this house for 2 years and the service gets worse and worse.

Snowbear, postal regulations say that if you have mail in your box and the flag is raised that the mail carrier must stop. If s/he has no delivery for that house and the flag is not raised s/he is not obligated to check (such as if a child put it down or you forgot to raise it or the wind blew it over) but a raised flag means they must pick up. “Dad” is always quoting us postal regulations LOL!! I called and commiserated with him. He said to go ahead and file a letter of complaint. It may not get immediate action, but if this mail carrier gets enough complaints it will eventually get noticed. Our mail carrier is older and doesn’t appear to be in the best of shape. We do have a long steep driveway (which he could drive up if he wanted to) and I know he doesn’t like to walk up it, but it’s just pure laziness on his part.

He obviously doesn’t understand the necessity of new yarn and Crocs! :roflhard:

Sorry that happened. Reminds me of a mailman I used to have, about every other week he delivered my check to one of the streets parallel to mine, one week I found it in the street, 2 streets over, along with lots of other mail!
Now, we are blessed with the nicest mail carrier!!! He delivers in his truck and normally beeps his horn when he has a package that doesn’t fit in the box, gives it a few minutes and if no one comes out, he leaves the card. Well, he knows I’m often on crutches, so he brings each and every one of my packages to the door. He’s a sweet man, getting a nice scarf and hat for Christmas :cheering:

That’s a great idea. After many bad experiences, I’m very happy with our current USPS guy. It’s kind of sad that competence is so unusual nowdays!

This is probably not an issue for any of you, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. There were a few instances when we first moved to this place when the FedEx and UPS guy left packages (or even worse – those annoying post-it notes) at the front door even though I was home – turns out our doorbell was finicky and didn’t ring consistently. Now I have a little note saying “press doorbell hard” and it hasn’t been a problem.

Thank you for your input in this matter, too!! :muah: :muah:

yeah, mine will leave things on the brick planter in plain view of my busy street AND the street that “Ts” into mine. it’s pretty obvious no cars are home all day :wall:.

at our old place, whose front door was incredibly out in the open (HA, little did I know I’d buy a house with an even more exposed front door, funny how life works :wall: :rofl: ), I put a note on the door telling the carrier (or UPS/Airborne/FedEx driver) to drop things behind the locked gate and 50% of the time they’d pay attention to it.

so if I can help it (if I order things or I am told by family members or whoever that they’re sending something), I have things delivered to my husband’s shop. then there’s the problem of him forgetting to bring my stuff home, but that’s a whole 'nother thread :wall: .

good luck knitncook :hug: , and thank you mailgirl :heart:!

When I called my post office… they told me unless the mailman had to stop to deliver… they didn’t have to check… even if the flag was up… So… I was going by that. Apperently some post offices aren’t following regulations… not really surprised at that…

Doesn’t anybody have a GOOD letter carrier or mail carrier? It seems that since everyone is saying mailMAN that the men are bad and the women are not! lol!
It makes me sad to read all this bashing… but it is not about me so… I guess that is ok!

Eh, I’ll add a good mailperson story…ours has to put up with us taking off for weeks at a time and holding our mail. Occasionally, one or two items might miss the hold and get delivered during that time but overall they’re pretty good about it. The day the hold gets cancelled some poor fool has to lug this huge tote of our junk mail to my front porch. If I hear the mailvan (it has a loud muffler :roflhard: ) wandering the neighborhood I’ll go out to greet them so they don’t have to walk it all up to the front door. Our regular gal is pretty nice, the substitutes sometimes get hurried and mess up and we get our neighbor’s mail. It gives us a chance to catch up with each other since we hardly see each other otherwise.
UPS and Fedex know when my husband’s truck is gone he isn’t there so they don’t even bother to ring the doorbell. They just hide the packages (he gets work related junk) around the planter/column area away from view and drive off. I love it, no ringing doorbell early in the morning! :teehee: Only problem is when I am waiting on a package and he’s out of town it might be sitting out there while I wait. I gotta keep checking.

Another mail rant…Our mailMan is great, at first he was a little dingy but he really has improved, It’s the Sub’s that are the horrible ones.

We live in a house that has been renovated into an upper and lower apt. So there is a mailbox attached to the house and these idiodic subs will leave the mail wrapped in a rubberband (both of ours btw) and throw it on the porch. We live on a very busy street too. I have had mail destroyed because of them jamming it in this tiny little box. :!!!: They make me so mad and everytime this happens I call that stupid postmaster and all he does is say, I’ll check who it was.

I’ve even left huge notes attached to mailbox telling them to put it in the box and that actually has worked. :teehee: Go figure.

He is the rudest man I’ve ever talked too. Well, maybe not the rudest, but pretty damn close. I’ve even had my dh call and complain. He got a better response, but sadly it didn’t work.

I’m tempted to tell my good mailMan that he can’t go on anymore vacations. :?? Not sure how that’ll go over, but we’ll see. :roflhard: :roflhard:

My mailman is good because he delivers my packages right in front of my front door so others can’t see if from far off but I can.!! :happydance:

I have one that delivers them to me and is also really friendly… but then I have another who leaves pkg on top of my mailbox even in the rain… or crams them in my mail box :roflhard: last Christmas I thought I was gonna have to cut open my mail box to remove a box… :rofl: