Mailman stalking in my future

I took the plunge, went to Knitpicks, and ordered the 1st and 2nd Barbara Walker knitting treasuries. I have taken them out of the library so much nobody else ever gets a chance to!
(yes, I ordered through the link on this site, so even better!)

Now I have to chain myself to the mailbox till the books come.


I ordered yarn and needles for clogs on Friday, and it was shipped on Friday too. I’m so stalking my mail-lady. I’m expecting stuff when I get home from work either TODAY :pray: or tomorrow.

YAY KNITPICKS!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Yay Knitpicks is right!
Those books I ordered were only $27 each. Unheard of! I love them. I just ordered my first batch of yarn from them about three weeks ago, too.
So far I love everything about Knitpicks.
In fact, last night I played with my Knitpicks yarn even though I was supposed to be finishing up another project I designed for a different yarn company. :oops:
This is the…eighth design they’ve bought from me. Hopefully there are more in the near future. Some of the designs are crocheted, but some are knit. When they get published (takes forever!) I’ll point them out to all of you.

My knit-picks order took about 6 days to arrive…

Thanks for the timeline, Lisa.

I won’t start SERIOUSLY stalking the mail-lady until THURSDAY! :happydance:


I had to laugh when I saw this thread…I ordered a sweater pattern and yarn and a clog pattern from patternworks over the weekend. I caught myself peeking out the window today every time I heard something that might remotely sound like a UPS truck- even though I know it’s way too soon!! Then, I realized that it won’t even be coming UPS- so, I’ll be stalking my mailman soon too. As always though, it’s the days that you’re waiting for something that they come late…

both my mail carrier and UPS guy leave messages saying that they tried to deliver something but i wasn’t home…of course they never try to buzz me to actually see if i am home…grrrrrrrr

:pray: yep, my KnitPicks should arrive tomorrow… I hope the carrier follows my instructions and leaves it behind the gate, not at the front door in full view of passersby.

I have my mail-lady trained! :roflhard: :roflhard: If I have a package comming in I’ll let her know in advance so as soon as she sees it come in she’s sweet enough to bring it to my door!!! Maybe I should knit her a pretty scarf for being so nice??? :XX:

I have joined those stalking mailmen! I just ordered Decadence from knit pics. I can not wait until it arrives! I am going to make the elongated stitch scarf with it for ME! :rofling:

Isn’t it wonderful to knit for YOURSELF occasionally! :happydance:

I’m making my first pair of clogs with WOTA for ME (that way I get the ones with any mistakes and everyone else gets the tried and true version) :cheering: :cheering:

That Decadence looks lovely - I ordered the color card just to feel it!


Glad to know I’m not the only mailman stalker! :lol: My knitpicks order was shipped on Monday (30 balls of WOTA). I hope it gets here soon!!

That’s my excuse too :roflhard: “But sweetie, you don’t want lopsided clogs do you? I want yours to be PERFECT” :inlove:

Mary…I decided that in August! I am now (began about 10 days ago) just knitting for my Husband and me (mostly me) and it is GLORIOUS!!
I received 2 PACKAGES of yarn this week!!! :cheering: :cheering: My SWTC Karaoke yarn for my clapotis and my tan WOTA for my Cozy…I LOVE delivery people :inlove: :inlove:

my new learning stitches book just went out friday. Let the stalking begin!! :pray: :shifty: :frog:

I am currently stalking my mailbox for the yarn I bought form Yarn Forward for Stephen and Doug’s Pismo hats…money has been taken out of my checking…I hope it arrives soon!!!