Mailing Knits?

Any special precautions I should be taking?

I just grabbed a set of 5 lingerie/gift boxes(the little fold out ones) for Christmas.So far, I’ve just taken some tissue paper and wrapped the items like brown paper packages and tetris-ed them inside…but… should I be doing something else about moisture? or…something?

Somehow I feel keeping my soon to be gifted knits safe through the mail won’t be this simple.Should I be wrapping them in plastic too?I guess everything should be safe if all the boxes will be shipped within a larger USPS box, right?

simply paranoid

I wouldn’t ship in those because they are too flimsy. If they are in another strong box they should be fine.

There’s nothing simply paranoid in being uneasy about mailing your precious knits. My only suggestion: use UPS.

That last few things I’ve mailed out I just plopped in a holiday shiny bubble mailer and they’re arrived safe and sound.

I wasn’t paranoid about mailing knits until I read this post ;o) … but I probably should think a little harder before mailing the rest of my holiday stuff out!

LOL! See, I’m a worrier.Even when there is nothing to worry about.Generally I think it’s better to be on the safe side with stuff I’ve poured my time into as I wouldn’t want to-in a fit of rage- assault the next mailman or man in brown I see after finding out my package didn’t make it.

What’s worrying me now is “What if she slices it up when she slices the box open??” I think I need to cut a corrugated cardboard piece as a protective layer now.




I’ve mailed a lot of knit stuff because of the charity knitting I do. I generally mail them in old Amazon or other strong boxes. You may have trouble with the flimsy boxes, but you won’t with the heavier cardboard. I have on occasion used gallon or larger ziploc bags to send them in inside the boxes. I’d be afraid the tossing and crushing they’d get in those garment boxes would tear or at the very least weaken them.

tracking number, tracking number, tracking number, delivery confirmation.

I’ve had more than a few packages go missing… one was nice enough to ship me back the empty box which made it to the PO (opened, which is why it was snagged) 1/2 way to it’s destination.

if it’s something youc are about, dont’ use fed-ex. I know this sounds awful since my brother in law owns a bunch of their routes, but my other brother in law shipped his stuff out west when he moved via fed ex (got other BIL’s discount of 1/2 off) and they BROKE most of his stuff (including his desktop computer… yes, they paid for the repair but still…). the boxes were badly damaged when they arrived at BIL’s new house.

I prefer UPS if i can’t hand deliver.

Uhh…I use Fedex a lot and never had a problem. :shrug:

I reccomend bigger boxes. I mailed a blanket last year that ended up destroyed because it was in a flimsy boxes. Since then I’ve been using the flat rate boxes

So I guess I should put down some general notes to self for shipping.

1.) Get a tracking number, get it ensured if you can!Get them to write it in blood if you have to!
2.) Put a barrier between the opening and the gift boxes to make sure that they are not slashed open(or worse! THE KNITS) when she(Cousin Sara) cuts the box open.
3.)Get a nice big sturdy box,not just their generic free ones.

I got kind of mixed reviews here on what shipping company to use, so I think I will be looking at online polls and such :3

I’ve personally had no problem with the postal services in Ireland, Australia, the US, or the UK, and that includes the two very large, very heavy boxes sent from Ireland to the UK from my last move. I generally put the knit into a ziplock bag, press the air out, tape the seal shut, gift wrap it if it needs it, then use either a bubble wrap bag (in the case of no gift wrap) or a sturdy box to mail it in (in the case of a gift wrap), being careful to tape all seams.

I use USPS Priority mail and use their heavier boxes. I’ve never had any problems (look, now I’ve jinxed myself. LOL!). If you’re worried about her cutting items, just write “Open Very Carefully” or “Do Not Cut, Fragile” on the outside so she knows not to whack away with the carton cutter.