Mail-Order Yarn Stores in the UK


Hoping to get some advice here. I live in Greece and would like to order a certain type of yarn from a yarn store in the UK (looking for Noro Kureyon–I want to try to make the booga bag). However, there seems to be so many and I don’t know which one is the best. Could anyone direct me to their favorite?

I have so many requirements: they must ship to Greece, accept credit cards, be reliable, etc. I will check that stuff myself but was hoping for recommendations based on good service and reliability.


Have you looked at online stores such as angelyarns or cucumberpatch, for example?

The latter ship pretty darn fast - I ordered yarn from them one day and got it the next, by post. I was very impressed!

Get Knitted ( are very good … they always send me sweeties with my order :cheering:

Thanks for the recommendations! I will check their websites tonight.

Now…which Kureyon to get??? :mrgreen: