Mail Order Yarn in Canada

Just wondering what the best sources for mail order yarn in Canada. thx.

I would say Elann is your best bet

I like knitpicks since they finally got the shipping and customs thing straight, so they are reasonable now.

I have not ordered from them, but has FREE shipping to Canada and the US, with no minimum purchase. That is virtually unheard of.

I heard about it on the Knitting Cook podcast and she was very pleased with their service and has ordered several times.

Elann, as mentioned: - BC
Yarn by the Bag: - BC
Ramwools: - MB
Wool & Needlework: - BC
The Sweet Sheep: - ON
IMR Sheep: - ON
Yarnela: - ON
Wool Tyme: - ON
KnitWerx: - ON
Yarn Forward: - ON
WoolTrends: - NL
KarpStyles: - NT
Herschnerr’s: - ON
Mary Maxim: - ON
Heirloom Handknits: - MB
Knitter’s Bazaar: - ON
Awesome Ewe: - BC
Redbird Knits: - NB

That should be enough to get you going! Remember that ordering out-of-province can spare you the PST.


Thanks everyone! That’s a great assortment of places to order from.

I’m very fortunate to have 3 great LYS’s available, but they don’t always carry everything (though usually enough to get me into BIG trouble!)

:shock: Knitqueen, this is amazing! FREE shipping to Canada? :passedout:

Not always a deal, though. Orders from the US will come with both GST/PST due [I]and[/I] a brokerage fee. Canada Post only charges $5 for brokerage, but the courier services will run you in the $20 range.

OTOH, ordering from Ram Wools (out of province for me) saves me 8% PST and shipping is a flat $8.95 on orders over $55 CAD.

My last order from the US was $75.92 CAD, and with the COD charges the total was $91.55 (and that’s only because the seller would ship through the US Post Office; it would have been ~$107 if shipped UPS). Same sized order from Ram Wools came to $89.42 (6% GST plus shipping). It pays to crunch the numbers.