I saw another thread from Nenwing and there were a few comments about magnetics. My MIL used to swear by her bracelets for the arthritis in her hands. Sooo… I don’t usually talk about my health issues unless I’m telling the other mods if I won’t be around, but I’m really curious about anyone’s experience with magnetics and nerve issues and arthritis.

Most likely due to mild scoliosis I have 4 pinched nerves in my lumbar spine that have caused damage below the knees in both legs and feet… numbness, tingling, skin pain, twitching, and temp control in the feet. I also have arthritis in 3 vertebrae of my cervical spine. Both issues are chronic, but of the two the arthritis is probably the most painful.

I had to switch medical groups recently, but my pinched nerves and damage were diagnosed by a neurologist after multiple tests including tests to rule out other possible issues. The arthritis was diagnosed by my regular doc following xrays, etc.

So I’ve been that route and I’m just wondering about experiences with magnetics and what your thoughts are. I figure it’s a noninvasive no more meds alternative that I could explore.

BTW… no chiro. My SIL was severely injured by one and has had 4 neck surgeries and still so much pain she practically lives in a c-collar.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the NIH investigates all kinds of treatments and procedures for pain and other medical conditions. They do controlled studies of the biological effects of yoga and acupuncture for example, and are isolating the active ingredients in remedies like St. John’s wort and milkweed. There is some research on magnetics and some recommendations on their website,
Each one of the conditions you describe sounds difficult on its own and both do sound like too much. I hope that magnetics helps if you decide to give it a try.

I have arthritis in my neck as well. It got very severe by the age of 32. Also an abnormality and mild scoliosis in lower back. I have tried acupuncture but it didn’t help at all. What helps the best for me is range of motion exercises. In fact it relieves a lot of my pain. Sometimes though my neck is very weak and I need to lie down. I haven’t tried magnets but I will read up on them. Chiropractic care for your mid to low back helps to put everything in alignment but the Orthopedic doctors I worked with recommended physio for the neck. I do believe that spinal alignment is very important as no matter what problems I have they are always worse in the left side of my body. this is the side of the spine that is slightly compressed. I never believed that chiropractic care could relieve all kinds of troubles but I do now. Pain in the left side of face, chest, belly, left side nerve pain and even my Raynauds is all worse in the left side. A crooked or misaligned spine seems to be the root of many problems. My spine is curved so they cannot be cured but by trying to maintain a tall posture and doing exercises I can help to keep the muscles strong enough to minimize inflammation.

My husband and I have used magnetics for 15 years.

Basically, magnetics aid your own circulatory system to get moving. With increased circulation to a specific site, the body can remove the toxins or debris in the area that are causing pain or impairment.

Magnetics don’t cure anything, but they aid your body’s own marvelous ability to cure itself.

For example, my 90 yr old mother-in-law came to visit us. She had a horrific ugly black bruise on the back of her hand (from a fall she’d had a week earlier). You know how bruises are on old folks! They linger a long long time.

I applied a magnet the size of a credit card to the back of her hand after dinner, wrapping her hand gently with ace bandage.

In the morning at breakfast, the bruise was almost gone, being the yellow color.

So if that doesn’t tell you something!

I have used magnetic bracelets on both wrists, and a magnetic necklace for shoulder cramping. I sit on a magnetic seat pad in my knitting chair! My husband wears magnetic insoles every day. Also, he wears a large magnetic pad for his lower back.

We buy our magnetics from Nikken. It’s the best quality in our opinion. Just take a look around on their website, Jan. The magnetics technology is awesome.

Thank you, Artlady, for sharing this. I just watched a few Youtube videos on what doctors are saying about Nikken products and I’m going to look into it now. Sounds almost too good to be true, but many many customer testimonials = very promising. Worth looking at.

Good grief, I seem to missed replying to my own thread! My daughter was moving at this time so I probably got distracted. We’ll go with that. :teehee:

Thanks for all the responses. As I said, I won’t go the chiropractor route. All the magnet info is compelling though. Thanks so much for the info, Dollyce. I think I will give them a try after Christmas. I like the idea that its something external. I’ll check all the info linked or suggested. Thank you! :hug:

I want to read all the responses but don’t have time to do so right now. I will do it later. I do want to respond now. (Cart before the horse?)

My opinion: IF you have no reason to think it can cause harm and IF it’s something you can afford, give it a try. I take turmeric every day and it helps me with a skin condition (undiagnosed professionally, probably psoriasis or eczema) and keeps my knees from hurting and being really stiff (maybe arthritis) and keeps my hands knitting. Other people say it doesn’t help them, I don’t care. It helps me. Hence my thought that if its unlikely to cause harm, give it a try.