Magknits Very Berry T-Shirt

Here’s my version. I made this for my niece. I learned so much doing this simple, knit garment. I was always alittle imtimidated by the kitchener’s stitch, but it was easy once I got the hang of it. The pattern has been corrected on the Magknits website. It originally called for a 14 stitch repeat, but was printed as a 15 stitch. I ended up going with the 15 stitch because I liked the way the 2 knits looked in between the yarn overs. Done in Caron Simple Soft (great quality yarn for growing kids) in size 6 needles.


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Ooh, that’s lovely, Shelley. :heart:

I agree about Caron’s Simply Soft. It’s a great inexpensive acrylic yarn to use for fast growing children. Plus, it is so soft.

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That’s a pretty sweater!

I like yours better than the one shown in the pattern. I might make it for my daughter. I wish you had a photo of it being worn.
Is it cropped? Or normal length?

That came out great! I also like it much better than the one in the pattern!

How pretty!

Thanks everyone for the kind words. :muah: To answer you question, I knit an extra 2 inches of stockinette before I added on the sleeves. It just looked too short for my niece, who’s only 8, but tall and thin. I haven’t given it to her yet, but I’m sure it will fit. I didn’t want it being so short either. If anyone else is doing this pattern, I would love to see pics!

Wow!!! Great job!