MagKnits Peekaboo Pattern Help

I am interested in doing this pattern but I was wondering if there is a way to do it from the fingertip to the wrist (up) rather than from the wrist to the fingertip (down)?

I can read a pattern but I don’t know the first thing about how to rework a pattern.

I guess my main concern is proper fit. I’m looking at it the way people do with socks; you get a better fit if you work from toe up than from cuff down. Also, depending on the yarn I may want to use as much of it as possible and working from the fingertip up would allow me to make them as tall or short as I want.

Also, what would be the best “cheap” yarn that I could get from like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s that would work for these? I’d like yarn recommendations for the larger and small that is listed. And I am not good at figuring gauge.

Any help would be appreciated!

Unlike socks, mittens don’t need to `fit’ in quite the same way, so I think if you get the palm measurement right, you should be okay from wrist to finger tip. The main part is getting the wrist snug, and the hand neither too tight nor too sloppy, but there’s a lot of variation there. For the larger gauge, just about any worsted weight will be okay; the smaller gauge is a little tougher to find at Hobby Lobby. Caron Simply Soft might do, it’s a thinner worsted. Redheart has a sportweight, and HL’s Sweet Delight Baby yarn is thin, though it may be too thin in the regular colors. None of these have wool in them, that’s much harder to find at HL.