Magknits Hullabaloo sweater

Has anyone else knit this sweater? I’m trying to knit it using my noro blossom yarn but I started the back piece and about 2/3 done and it looks huge. I think the 10 mm needles are just too big for my yarn. I hate to frog it, I don’t think I have the heart to start over;this will be the second sweater with this yarn that hasn’t worked out. It’s really starting to upset me. I have nothing else to work on right on to keep my mind off the sweater. I ordered some needles for socks but I don’t know when they will get here.

Frogging can be so disheartening…but if it’s truly too big, you’ll be happier if you do it now and start over with a different needle size! :muah:

I made Tubey a year ago and it is so big…it breaks my heart when I look at it. I should have paid more attention and noticed the ribbing would stretch. Now it’s a waste of yarn sitting in my closet.