Magic Loopers out there?


This is my first attempt at using this technique, and (except for the first few rounds where I had to keep watching the video over and over and over… :oops: ) it’s working out pretty well, and I’m kinda liking it!

Here’s my question: Is there some "magic’ way to keep that last stitch on the needle you’ve just finished from getting too tight when you start on the next needle’s stitches? It seems really hard to keep it at the same size loop when it’s on a skinny nylon tube!

Any suggestions appreciated.



P.S. I’m using size 13 needles…

Of course… it’s like knitting on a tiny thin needle, that will give you small stitches too. Leave it on the metal/wooden/whatever part of the needle rather than the cord while you continue with the other half of the stitches. If this begins to bother you, move the stitches from the needle to the cord but only after you have completed a few of the stitches on the other side. Let us know how you find this


The thing is you can’t leave the needle tip in the stitches and do magic loop. That works with 2 circs but not with magic loop. You have to have that end pulled out in order for it to work.

I see how you have problems with that when using a size 13. The size of the needle and the size of the cord are VERY different (I use magic loop mainly for socks on small needles so the difference between cord and needle size isn’t all that much).

I wonder if you could use a same sized double pointed needle for the first few stitches, then pull out the ‘back’ needle tip, transfer the first few stitches from the dpn to the circ and continue on??

You sure can leave some stitches on the right needle with ML, and easier than using a dpn. Slide your stitches to where the cord joins the needle, and pull the cord out there leaving about 3 on the needle.