Magic loop

I want to start a project that uses the magic loop. I’ve avoided that method (as in never did it). I think that I understand HOW to do it, but my question is WHY? What is the advantage and can I just knit in the round or use DPN?

You can certainly knit in the round on dpns depending on how many sts you need to work with. Magic loop is a great technique to use if you don’t like dpns since you can work small diameter circular projects on just the one large circular needle. It’s a matter of preference.

The advantage (at least for me) is that I only need to buy one needle in a given size. BTW, I’m a new knitter, only learned in May of this year. So…I have a #3 x 47, #4 x 60", #5 x 60", #6 x 32" and #6 x 60" (the 32" was for a class but I couldn’t stand how crowded and curled-up the sts were), etc.

One circ in each size has begun to impose its own discipline w/regard to the number of projects in progress, too. Which is a good thing; ask me how many quilts in progress I have…


Some people, like me, don’t like using dpns, and prefer to knit on circs. Also, if you knit a hat, you need a 16" to start with, but then have to switch to dpns after beginning the decreases as the sts won’t fit on it anymore. If you use a longer circ for the hat you don’t have to switch needles, just do single or magic loop from start to finish.

Its a heck of alot more portable too.

I like it because I don’t lose my needles and and I can take it with me easier.

I don’t mind DPN myself and use them for very small diameter knitting still. I just prefer ML for hats, sweaters, larger things.

I like magic loop b/c personally I feel like it is easier to put my knitting down and pick it up again without losing stitches. Also, magic loop can be used to make things 2 at a time like socks and mittens :woohoo:

I agree with what people have posted already

[li]I drop fewer stitches using magic loop than dpns, but that might just be because I use dpns less frequently so my fingers don’t have the muscle memory yet to manage dpns easily
[/li][li]I can knit two socks and two mittens at a time using magic loop (wonderful way for me to make sure I have a pair that matches same tension and all)
[/li][li]if I am knitting for myself, I can more easily try on a partially knit project using magic loop than dpns
[/li][li]It does seem to make me more likely to shove what I’m working on in a to-go bag than when I am using dpns
[/li][li]PLUS – I like knitting half the stitches instead of a third or a quarter before switching needles, it just seems faster to me