Magic loop

Does the magic loop method have to be done with a circular that is over 40 inches. I have a size 8 that is 29 inches and want to make something that is only a 40 ish cast on.


You can do Magic Loop with only one loop instead of two, which helps. But better too big than too small, in my opinion!

29" is good for modified magic loop.

I find that a 29" is really hard to work with. I think 36" is my favorite. It seems to give me the best slack without getting cumbersome.

It would be hard to do regular magic loop, but 29 is fine for modified ML.

For only 40 sts, you can use ML, though the single loop variation may work better.

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What’s the difference between Magic Loop and Modified magic loop?

I’ve done a form of magic loop from Melissa Morgan Oakes’ book on 2 at a time socks (GREAT METHOD!) but I used a 47" cable which I found more comfortable in having one sock on each side, left side and right side.

I just wanted to clarify what everyone was talking about when mentioning a “modified” magic loop.

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A modified ML can be done on a shorter needle - I do hats with a 24", you can also use 29 or 32" with the single loop, and of course, there’s only one loop instead of two. Jan posted a link for one tutorial, there’s another here - Single Loop‎ option