Magic Loop with a twist


I’ve been knitting hats recently, experimenting with dpns, two circs. and Magic Loop and was trawling around websites when I saw this:

Each time I’ve tried Magic Loop I end up with ladders, so I hope this will help.


excellent! i think i was doing something like this without realizing it. thanks for posting that!

I don’t use ML a lot, but I do use a variation where you slide all the stitches over to the left hand needle and the right needle is free, making one loop. I often twist the cord or it does by itself and it really helps to prevent the stitches stretching out at that spot. Of course I usually don’t split the stitches in the same place on every row and that prevents the stretch too.

It’s a funny thing. I have been knitting with the Options set knitting socks via magic loop. While knitting I had noticed that the cable was twisted. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. Then I thought because the set is fairly new, it hadn’t gotten enough use. Boy am I happy to know that I am not doing something wrong. I can continue to knit away… :teehee: :knitting:

There’s no difference in where the needles are going, if you find this difficult or confusing just grab your loop as it sticks out and flip it over… do you guys not find that the needle assumes this conformation naturally? This is the lowest energy state for the cable and unless you specifically grip the needle in such a way as to prevent the cable twisting itself naturally, or move the needle around to stop this, it should do this automatically. Cables will twist into their preferred conformation most of the time, don’t struggle with it or fight it.