Magic loop videos

Hi everyone,
Well, I am finally at the point where I’m going to try to learn the magic loop. Got my hat pattern, got my 40 inch circular and crossing my fingers I can do this. Could you suggest some good videos that would help? I’d like to look at a few of them and then decide which one works best for me.


Here you go!

There’s one in KH video section under advanced techniques I think.

And here’s some pictures, too.

Also… the first video I posted she says to just split the stitches about halfway. I suggest making sure you have a knit stitch first on the first needle. It’s much easier to get the join close that way.

Plus… you need to make sure your stitches aren’t twisted. Sometimes it’s easier to knit a few rows flat first then join. You can sew up the small slit with the tail yarn when you’re finished. I do this when I have a lot of stitches on the needles.

Thanks, I think the second video helps most because it starts from the cast on. Just made one attempt. Not good. About to attempt again. So far I’m having trouble with the first turn around and getting started knitting back the other way.

Remember you go round and round without turning. To make stockinette you just knit. If you’re ribbing you still knit and purl whatever the ribbing calls for…like k2 p2.

If you’re having trouble joining knit a few rows of the pattern flat first then join.

Yep, I’m having lots of trouble starting at the ends. Is there a good rule of thumb to help figure out which side to knit on after turning? Also what about the gaps I am seeing at both ends? See the screenshot. I would like to know how to fix that. When I am satisfied, I’ll start over and knit the rib stitch for the beginning of the hat, but don’t want to do the rib stitching until I’m comfortable with it.

I just found the video I was looking for. This one is the most helpful one for me. Yay!

First thing I see is you don’t have two loops.

I pulled the stitches all to one end just for the shot. So all of the cable is temporally on one end.

I just learned a few months ago. I watched several videos, but this one helped me most.
Have fun!!

Thanks, Bluejaygirl5. I saw that one, too. Did you see the one I posted?
Congratulations on your magic loop! :ok_hand:

I started over using the P1 K1 like the pattern. I noticed that I was using the wrong needle to knit when I turned around and I put more stitches on one side than the other. So I tried to correct this by adding more rows to the side with less rows. It seems to have worked. Do you think it’s okay to do that and save me from starting over again?

Also, the gap I was talking about in a previous post was mentioned in a video I just watched. She said it would go away. Can you explain?

I think you mean you added stitches right? The problem with adding stitches is you’ll end up with problems when you go to decrease. It can be done, but the decrease lines may not be evenly spaced. If you’ve already knit a few rows adding stitches will also leave a shorter spot in that part of the knitting.

The video won’t work for me at the moment, but things do even out usually.

No it’'s the rows that are uneven. But as I said, I just kept knitting on the side with less stitches until it got even with the other side and that seems to work. When you finish a row, you take that needle, put stitches back on and then is that needle supposed to be in the front for the next row? See, the problem with me is how to turn the needles so my stitches go on the right needle and don’t keep piling stitches on the same side. :hushed:

I did see it. Also excellent! I find every new technique I try, it helps
Me seeing multiple videos. It seems I learn a little bit from
Each one and ultimately one becomes my fave. And without a doubt
I learn from the amazing people in this community.

Hmm… not sure how this is happening with magic loop. You push the front needle back into the stitches and pull the back needle out You leave a loop on the left and will be creating a new one on the right. Knit across the first section to the left loop. Turn your work and do the same thing I said above. It’s just going around and around.

Here’s another video.

Agreed! :wink:

Okay, once again I am starting over! Now this time I want to be sure about something. When I turn around to do the other side, am I using a different needle each time or the same one? This confusion is why I keep getting more rows on one side than the other. I take the needle I have been knitting with (picking up stitches with) and put stitches back on it and then what? Keep it in front or put it in back? Once I learn this, I think I’ll be able to do this. :grimacing:


If you turn the work around before getting into the ready position for the next half, the needle you just finished will have all the stitches at the tip and the next stitches will be on the cable. Make sure the full needle is at the back. Push the empty needle into the front stitches and pull the back needle through so the just-worked stitches are now on the cable. The working yarn should be hanging from the back stitches–it needs to be over the right loop when you start knitting or you’ll get tangled. I usually reach under the working yarn to pull the needle from the back stitches. You should always be knitting on the front row of stitches after turning the work. It may be easier to work a few rows flat before joining the round to prevent the work from turning upside down. The gap can be closed later with the cast on tail.

When you get to the end of the side turn your work so the needles are on the right side…that is by your right hand. Now push the front needle that is closest to your body back into the stitches and pull the back needle out to knit leaving a loop on the left. You ALWAYS knit with the back needle regardless of which side you’re working on. Watch that last video again and you can see how she pulls out the needle to knit.

Consider the whole project a “round”. Since it’s splt to do magic loop you can consider each half a side or half of a round.