Magic Loop video

Are there any videos that show a project done using Magic Loop? I’ve watched the short one here, but would like a bit more video time. Just wondering if anyone knew of a video that shows maybe the beginning, middle, and end of a project that uses this technique.

I suppose that if I just started it, then maybe I would figure it out as I go, but I’m a little chicken, I guess.


Youtube has a lot of knitting videos. Put in Magic Loop for search and you should get a bunch. Why don’t you just start a practice piece to see how it works out and ask here for any questions you have?

I understand perfectly! I had the same fears, but after I got past the first couple of rows, there was no turning back!

So don’t be afraid! After all, you don’t have to jump in at the deep end. Just get your toes wet like Suzeeq suggests by doing a practice piece.

If you’ve conquered using two circular needles, you’ll get the hang of this in no time!

As soon as I saw your name I knew where you were from. I live in Chattaroy. Have you been to Paradise Fiber yet. I haven’t made the trek yet.

Well, howdy, Neighbor!

I haven’t been to the Paradise fibre or any place else for that matter for years and years. I’ve just gotten back into knitting after a hiatus of several years after moving and losing my needls. I finally gave up and bought some new ones… tsk! tsk! tsk! Anyway, it’s been so long that I’m not even sure where any LYS are any more! I’m on the South Hill and the couple I knew about from years ago have either moved or closed so I’ve been buying yarn and needles online.

Where is this Paradise and do you have any other favorite LYS?

Paradise is on N. Thor close to downtown. Allinda’s Knitting Boutique on Indiana just about 6 blks off Division is where I have gone in the past. I’ve been busy knitting up my stash and haven’t bought too much in the last few years.
By the way welcome back to the addiction that is knitting.