Magic Loop Socks

Knitting the cuff, no problem Knitting the heel flap, easy. Turning the heel, no problem. Picking up gusset stitches, got it. The problem is figuring out how to distribute the stitches on the circular. It makes sense that all the instep stitches would be on one needle and the gusset stitches will be on the other. Now it’s time to do the decreases, but I just can’t quite get this to work. Seems like THIS part makes more sense on DPNS. I’ve knit socks on four DPNS before and understand the anatomy of a sock etc., but I’m finding this part of working the Magic Loop really confusing. Where do you split up so that you have the long length of the cable needle? HELP!:wall:

Boy, you’ve got me stumped. I always do socks on DPNs for that very reason.

Strongly considering knitting the cuff with ML and then swapping over to DPNS for the rest of the sock. I really DO like knitting that cuff on the magic loop, but am not so thrilled with the ML for the rest of the sock. Sort of like knitting a hat on circs and then swapping over to the DPNS to do the real work!

Origami, thanks a good idea about switching needle sets 1/2 way thru. When I been using the ML, sometimes I feel like I spend more time slipping the around the loops than actually knitting.

[U][B]Now it’s time to do the decreases, but I just can’t quite get this to work.[/B][/U]

This is how I work the decreases:
The instep stitches are on one needle and held in the back (#2).
All other stitches are on the other needle and held in front (#1).
On the right side, between the two needle tips, I place a safety pin to help me keep track of the beginning of the round.
Work one round without decreasing (this round and every other round until decreasing is finished).
On the next round with #1 (k1, ssk, k across the needle stopping with three stitches left, k2T, k1) now to #2 work pattern.
Continue as started until the number of needles on #1 are the same as on #2, or you have the same amount prior to working the heel.

I keep notes while doing the decrease rounds because I sometimes have trouble reading my knitting. It is harder for me if the yarn is a dark color. I hope this helps. For me ML is quicker because you don’t have to keep stopping to change DPN’s and I have no trouble with ladders either.

I think you mean the number of stitches, not the number of needles. :slight_smile: Hopefully, there’s just one needle! But I think this is the clearest explanation I’ve gotten and I’ve been searching Ravelry and through all my books. If I understand correctly, one half is instep, the other half is the gusset and you start with the decrease and end with the decrease.

I only do socks on circulars and prefer ML. I’m not very proficient in sock knitting so I have to use a pattern. I know there are some sock knitters who have made so many socks that they have the formula down and can make a pair without benefit of instructions but that is not me!

I found this pattern for ML 2 at a time socks very easy to follow. Maybe if you took a look at it it would help you figure out your dilemna.

2 at a time ML socks

Have you looked at Kelly’s Sock Class on youtube? They are in sections and very helpful.

Kelly’s Sock Class and Sable’s Sock Class have been such a help to me and I have them hotkeyed on my toolbar for quick reference as it seems I am always knitting socks. I’m one of those that have done so many socks that I have a basic pattern set in my head and just knit from there and improvise at will (don’t ask me about my first cable socks, it’s embarassing).

I still knit them on DPNs, as it helps me keep track of where I am, especially if I am making them specifically for someone, rather than just a pair of self-striping for the kids or charity. In other words, I do it so I don’t have to think about what I’m doing while I’m doing it.

I may do magic loop for casting on and the cuff since that is my least favorite part of knitting a sock. I hate Hate HATE it. Once I get past that part I’m good. :slight_smile:

The problem I have with these tutorials is that they all are for 2 at a time on ML and right now, I just want to do 1 at a time on ML. I know, the point of ML is to be able to do 2 at once, but I just want to work on 1 at a time. It’s all my brain can handle at this point and for some reason, when I have to be thinking Sock B and Sock A, it confuses me. I know that if I have the process figured out for one, then I will have the process figured out for 2. I think that Lighting57 explained it in a way that makes sense to me. Going to try again today!

don’t forget Silver’s sock classes

2 (toe-up, however) socks on one long circ

DUH! It doesn’t matter how many times I read over something, I never do find all of my errors. I’m bad to think one word and say or type another. Yes, I meant stitches not needles. I have gone back and edited my first post.

I only do one sock at a time on the ML. I haven’t tried 2 yet, not sure I would like it. For now my method works best for me. I hope you get it worked out and my instructions are of some help to you.

Thank you so much. I prefer using ML to knit in the round. I have tried DPNs and find them cumbersome. I am trying to love sock knitting and have had a hellofa time with them.

I have faved all Kelly’s sock vids. I have been looking for these kinds of vids. As always Kelly is awesome.:yay:

I am currently working on BFFs by Cookie A. and just finished my 1st sock. When I tried it on I wanted to cry cause it just looked wierd…I went way too far with my gusset and have to frog back to get the toe to look right. Until I saw these vids I was thinking that I was just going to leave the sock, but now I understand and feel confident that I can make the sock look good.

Thanks Knitting Help and Knit Picks (Kelly).:thumbsup:

I always use stitch markers. I pretend as if I have the stitches distributed over 4 DPNs, but really they’re just divided by 2 on my ML needle, with stitch markers showing where the next pretend DPN starts. I learned socks on DPNs and still knit them that way sometimes, but I like to do them in different ways. In my head though, they’re always on DPNs :wink:

This website seems to explain how to do this in a way even [I]I [/I]can understand. Maybe it will help you, also.

I think that I’m probably going to stick with using ML for the cast on/cuff/heel flap/heel turn and then swapping over to double points to finish it up. I think I get what is happening on the ML now, but I really like knitting the gusset on the DPNS. The ML eliminates my laddering problem in the cuff and the double points keep the sock knitting relatively mindless for me when I get to the gusset. Basically, at this point, I think I’m happy I can knit magic loop AND on double pointed needles.

[color="#330099"]I’ve not done a single sock using ML, so I couldn’t really follow what the trouble was.

I did my first sock using two circular needles. I had previously used DPNs and was constantly aggravated by all the extra points that kept sticking and snagging my work or yarn. I spent a good deal of time learning to avoid tangling my yarn on the DPNs that were “resting.” :??

Perhaps I just had restless DPNs? :wink:

Well, to me, 2 circs. are like DPNs that are longer and flexible and you only need two and not 4 or 5! I kept the flap and gusset sts on one needle and worked back and forth on it until it was time to move to the next phase. I don’t recall any trouble following the pattern through the decreases, but the pattern I was following was written specifically for working on two circulars.

Is your pattern for working on ML or are you adapting as you go?

If it was written for working on DPNs then perhaps just adding a second circ [optionally adding markers to to logically divide into more DNPs (three or four) might fill that gap between ML and DPNs with fewer “Inter Needle Gaps” to snug up. :thumbsup:

I just find that really funny, restless DPNs! I attempted ONCE and only ONCE to knit socks with DPNs, it was the WORST experience for me! I do NOT like DPNs at all. So now about oh 10 years later…here I am attempting to knit my first pair of socks with the ML method and with the help of the book 2-at-a-time-socks. I am actually NOT knitting a pattern from the book, I am using Wendy Johnson’s pattern called [U][COLOR=#0066cc]Cabletini Socks[/COLOR][/U]. So far so good. there is a pic on ravelry of the WIP.