Magic Loop Socks

I’m curious if anyone here does this. I just spent a bit of time trying to follow the instructions as per:

After a lot of studying, mulling over in my mind how this works, etc. for a day!!! I was able to get cast on and do a row.

Now I’ve stopped and am contemplating WHY anyone would want to do this. Yes, you finish two socks at one time, but I think in the end it takes longer. You’ve got two balls of yarn to worry about. You’ve got to shove rows of stitches around a bit. Maybe it’s the bamboo circular I’m using. The cable is REALLY thin and windy. It’s only 35 inches. Could this be why I’m not in love with this method? Or is it just the novelty of it that enthralls people?

Have I not given this a fair enough chance? What do others think who’ve tried it?


I haven’t tried it, but the reasons you’re talking about are why I haven’t tried it! I think a lot of people like the two-socks on two-circulars; I don’t know if two-socks on the one-circular is as popular. I’d be curious to hear from people who have tried either method!


Jouf, if you decide to keep going with these socks, will you post a little review here of how you found this method when you are finished your socks? I would be interested to know if you find more problems with the method, or if you find that it gets easier and more enjoyable as you go.

Amy, Salsa – actually did a few more rows, and I was thinking it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I had started. So…we’ll see. It seems the yarn wasn’t getting too mucked up. And the socks are seeming to kind of just get shoved around in an elongnated circle. I don’t think I’m working on the best needle for this. I think the Addi Turbo needle might have a better cable. This one is as thin as plastic thread.

Picky picky picky!!! But I’ll keep you posted as soon as I think I know more!


Yeah, Jouf, let us know how it goes!

Don’t feel bad about having a thin cord! It’s better than having a thick, inflexible cord with ML!!


Just a note of progress - I’m almost finished with my magic loop socks. I have to say it gets better as it goes along. I think I’ll still keep a pair on dpn’s because of the easy portability. But if you’re sitting very still, magic looping is just fine. I guess it’s no different when you’re managing a couple balls of yarn when you’re doing a couple different colors.

By the way, I never used an extra needle for anything. Couldn’t quite figure out how or why or where to do it. So I’m nearing the toe area and have only been on the circular. I’m using a 35" bamboo needle size 2. When I do it again, I think a 40" or 47" would be better.

And you were right, Amy, the thin cord is just fine!


Hi Jouf,

This is wonderful to hear! Thanks for the information. It’s good to know that you don’t have to use an extra needle (like in the pdf) and also to know what length of circular you recommend.

Jouf, now you’ve got me itching to give this a try! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: If I do try it I might post back here for help from the expert, if that’s OK!

Ok, Salsa. Get with it! I’m really trying to finish mine today. Want to give to my daughter for Valentines - they are so cute. It’s that same self striping or pattern modea something or other. It’s acrylic, but it is just so darn cute!

It’s taking longer than the last pair I made on dpn’s because it is a size 2 and the stitches are so tight and neat. Probably be a better wearing sock that my other ones I made on 4’s and knit looser.

This is only my second pair of socks. I’ve done slippers tho. When I started the heel on one I was slipping the stitches the wrong way for two rows and should probably have ripped it out. But it really doesn’t show much.

My goal is to make something - anything - WITHOUT any errors! Do you think it’s possible? In this life time?

We should do a knit a long in Amy’s new area sometime with these.

Good luck!