Magic loop socks

i’ve never knit a sock before or been lucky enough to watch someone knit a sock. i’m using magic loop to knit a practice sock, but i’m not sure how to do the heel (seeing as how i’ve never done one before :teehee:). i’m a very visual learner. is there a video somewhere out there or a website with pictures that shows how to do it? i looked on youtube but didn’t find anything. written help would be good, too. i guess i’m just kind of nervous what with this being my first sock and all. :rollseyes:

Silver’s tutorial is here:

I used this one along with Silver’s Tutorial:

Amy also includes a video of her turning the heel of a sock, and I believe you can get a video of her making an entire baby sock as well.

Silvers tutorial is great, if you want a short row heel (which is good because it doesn’t matter if you’re doing the sock cuff down or toe up). Cuff down gusset heel, Amy has a video for that. As for toe up gusset heel, I found instructions on that from Wendy, ala Wendy Knits! [pdf, for fingering weight socks, easy enough to adapt to worsted, if you’re using that].

It’s just a practice sock, so don’t worry about it. You can always pull the heel out and try again! My first short row heel was started WAY too soon, and didn’t even make it to the start of my heel. (toeup), and my first gusset heel I started too late!