Magic Loop Sock

I was wondering if it is possibe to magic loop 1 sock at a time. I liked the easy to read directions on Silver’s site, but she only has directions for two at a time socks. These are my first, so, could I just use the same directions but only do 1 sock? Also, would two at a time be too complex for begining sock knitter?

Of course ou can do on at a time. The directions should be the same.

Magic Loop and one at a time is the only way I’ve ever made socks, and I’ve made about a dozen pairs. I have both socks going at the same time, though, but on separate needles and from separate yarn. That way I never suffer from SSS.


If you feel like testing the waters with two at a time, just go for it! The worst that can happen is you figure it’s not for you and go back to one at a time!

I think the way we all learn to do more than we’ve done before is to tackle it and give it our best shot! Sure, it’s not without its frustrations and setbacks, and we might see more of the frog than we want to, but just by going for it you can learn new things and build up a lot of confidence to try even more new things!

Good luck with your socks, either one or two at a time, and please let us know how it’s going!

Happy knitting,

Ruthie :slight_smile: