Magic loop sock question

Hi, I’m Marshall M. I’ve tried several methods of sock knitting, and am now trying the Magic Loop. I like it alot no more dropped needles). However, I have a heel turn question After I make the heel flap, and when turning the heel, what is the number of stitches I should be using, and would it help to mark the ‘middle’ of the heel to determine this number. Assuming that Koigu is used, and size 1 needles are used, and for a size 6 1/2 foot, I would use 60 cast on stitches. Then use 1/2 stitches for heel flap. The 2 books I have read on this are unclear to me (I’m a fairly new knitter), so I’m stuck. Can any help me with this number, is there a ‘formula’, or an educational link that would be helpful?

Thanks…a sock knitting addict.

[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=royalblue][B]Marking the middle wouldn’t be a bad idea. It seems to me that most of the heel flaps I knit call for knitting a couple of stitches PAST the mid-point, then ssk, and then one more knit stitch. Then, going back on the wrong side, I think you would have 4 purl stitches before the mid-point, two more after, then p2 tog, p1. If you have a really narrow heel, try going only 1 past the center before you do your ssk.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

I’m just starting to knit socks and I am lazy and my eyes glaze over when formulas are mentioned so I just follow the pattern and hope for the best.

However – here’s a link I found this morning and I hope it will help (it’s for men’s socks but I’m sure it would apply to any plain sock pattern)

Basic Formula for Men’s Socks

I also wanted to recommend a book that might help (if it’s not one of the 2 you already have)
Getting Started: Knitting Socks

I looked through this book at Borders one day and if I remember correctly, it deconstructed sock knitting with a part by explanation.

Thank you for this and your link. What beautiful work you do, and the suggestion helps! Where in Oklahoma are you knitting. I’m from Tulsa…several great yarn shops there. Marshall M.

Thanks Dottie…will try it…and also your other links!