Magic loop sock patterns?

Sorry if this question has been asked before, the search function doesn’t appear to be working…anyway, I am looking for any patterns that are written specifically for 1 sock at a time on one circ (not 2, I’ve tried it and don’t like it.). I am almost done w/a pair of tidal wave socks (from SWTC, in blue tofuetsies) and love how fast the knitting goes!

I used Silver’s tutorial for two socks and just did the one. Truth be told, once you get the knack of using magic loop, the sock part takes care of itself. When you read the direction for the heal it sounds impossible to do but when you sit down to do it, it all falls into place.

You can do any sock pattern on ML. Now that you’ve done 1 pair, it should be easy to adjust the stitch count to the 2 sides instead of 3 or 4 dbl pt needles.