Magic loop sock HELP!

I am trying to learn the magic loop technique for knitting socks. This is my [I]first[/I] sock and I’m finding that after I cast on and begin k2p2 ribbing at the top of the sock that the ribbing pattern is all off. It doesn’t look like ribbing at all…what am I doing wrong? :??

Thanks for any help/ suggestions.

My thoughts:

First, it’s good to remember that ribbing tends to look weird until you get several rows done, even if you’re doing it right.

Second, since you’re knitting in the round, remember to knit the knits and purl the purls.

Third, do you have a multiple of 4 stitches? If not, that will throw your ribbing off.

Hope some of that helps! :slight_smile:

Bingo!! I’d forgotten that when knitting in the round to knit the knits and purl and purls vs. the other way around when knitting flat. Thanks again !! I fell better now.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the complicated things we learn seem to push some of the easier things out of our heads? Well, seems that way for me, anyway! Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: