Magic loop sock help

Help-Im stuck
Im at the instep gusset and just ended the turn heel. It says to slip 7 sts from right to left.DO I slip 7 from the 21 sts or the 15?? It says sl 7 from right to left but I dont know if I was suppose to turn at at last heel row. Does this make sense?


Do you have a link to the pattern??? That might help a bit more.

I think sometimes when using a pattern which is written for double pointed needles, it will ask you to re-distribute the stitches by slipping back and forth between needles until you have the correct configuration to continue on with the next instructions. Obviously things are different when you use the magic loop method and you may not have to slip anything at all.

Usually when I’ve used magic loop for a sock, the last heel turn row will be a right side row and from then the next instruction is to start picking up stitches along the heel flap.