Magic Loop sloppy join?

[color=indigo]I have been doing a test of Magic Loop technique per Amy’s video. I do seem to have it clearly, but I notice that one end join it is VERY loose. I can’t tell if this is the join that began where I split my CO sts in two, or the other end join. After about 8 rows knit, I have a nice little circle going, but that end is sloppy.

Did I miss something about the end joins? I knitted first stitch as tight as I possibly could. Is there a remedy for this?

Landolphe[/color] :wall:

I am no expert and I am sure someone will come and help you soon but this is what I do. Have you seen how to join DPN? There are different ways but I think the one where you transpose the first and last stitch. I use a crochet hook and take the first stitch and put it on the third needle and take the last stitch and put it on the first needle. In other words where you join just cross those two stitches. Now, for magic loop you are just suppose to knit the first one tight but I still found a gap. So I did the same thing as the DPN. After you divide the sts in two I pushed the sts close to the tips on the needles and took a crochet hook and transposed the first and last stitch. Then I pulled the right needle out and knit my first 3 stitches tight with the tail. You can not even tell where it joins. :happydance: I am sure someone else will have a better way but that is just how I do it.

When you knit the first stitch on each needle, make sure to pull that stitch nice and tight to help close up the gap. Do that every time.

If you’re talking about the original join at the very beginning, it’s only 1 row and no big deal. You can weave the tail in at that point to tighten it up and make it look nicer.

Pulling the 2nd stitch after the join helps also.

Candy’s method is what I always use (plus making the first 5 stitches very tightly) and it works the best of all the other methods (for me). Also make sure that your original slipknot is done so that pulling on the TAIL tightens the knot, and pulling on the strand leading to the ball LOOSENS it, not the other way round.

This happens often with knitting in the round, it’s not because you are doing anything wrong!

Good luck, Sarah

I don’t understand what you are saying about the tail. I use cable cast on method so I knit the first three stitches with the tail. :??

Make sure you first tighten the first knot/stitch by pulling on the tail. Then knit by holding it tightly with the working wool for a few stitches, I do this very tight to help close the gap.