Magic Loop Question

Hi all!

I had never heard of magic loop until the current issue of Knitty and found a wonderful how-to video at KH, of course!

I think I know the answer to this already, but thought it better to ask. Let’s say you’ve got a sweater pattern that calls for US 7 circular needles in both 29" and 16" lengths, the 16" being for the collar. In the pattern, where it tells you to switch to the shorter circular, could you instead switch to magic loop? I’m dying to make the dog a sweater, but I can’t stand buying circular needles in 500 sizes when I already them in some sizes when I could be spending the money on expanding my Turbo collection, a much-needed S.E.X., or saving up for the Jordana Paige messenger bag, which totally has me plotzing already. :wink:

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

I was just wondering the same thing. :thinking:

The whole purpose of magic loop is to allow you to knit any diameter with one circular. So when there are too few stitches to fit around the circ you’re using, just switch to magic loop. One size fits all. :wink:

excellent news!!! maybe the dog will get his sweater before winter is over! thanks bunches!

Yes, thanks a bunch!

You just have to make sure that the circular needle you are using for magic loop is reeeeeally long. For example, I use magic loop to make socks, with thin yarn and a cast on of only 60 stitches (so 30 stitches on either side of the ‘magic loop’) and I won’t use anything shorter than a 40" circular.