Magic loop question

I finished my son’s hat last night. It was the first circular project I did, and I used magic loop. I was moving right along until I came to the decreasing section on the crown. Then the two sides kept pulling apart, making my stitches very tight. The fewer stitches I had on the needles, the worse the pulling got. Is this typical for magic loop, or was it me? I have the Boye interghangeables if that makes a difference. I’d appreciate any advice before I start my next projects. I was going to tackle toe-up socks, but since the diameter is so small I’m nervous now.

Yeah, the cables make a huge difference. I had that problem with my Denises. You might want to take a look at KP Options. The cords are really flexible. There’s a sticky on interchangeables in the general section – look toward the end of the thread for info on Options (when the thread was started, they weren’t around yet.)

Once you get down to 15-20 stitches it gets really tight. You can still ML then, but it’s more of a challenge.


I am trying ML too :!!!: :!!!: and DPN’s :wall: I want to start socks…do you take an existing pattern, divide in half, then start to knit?? Does MLoop work on any pattern??? (baby socks) Or is it easier if you use alot of cast on sts to begin with? (adult size) Also, has anyone tried 2 circ knitting??? :?? What’s that like?? Thanks

Haven’t had any tightness with the KP Options at all. They really are that much more flexible – you can almost bend them in half.

I don’t have a lot of problems with cord flexibility, it’s the length of the solid needle part and/or the join where it gets to be a problem. I’d love to try the Options but since I have two of almost every needle already and don’t use smaller sizes, I’m pretty content with what I have.


I think there is a video on how to curc knit on 2 needles. It’s kind of like knitting straight with a circ needle for 1/2 the circle and then dropping that needle and picking up the tail of the next needle and proceed to knit with that. etc.etc. I am a great believer in using markers all over the place. If I am knitting a pattern tht calls for dp needles, I use a circular and place markers where the d/ps would start. :happydance: