Magic Loop Problem


I’m a new member but not new to knitting. I’ve finally figured out magic loop (by watching a video clip on this site) and I’m making a pair of (practice) toddler socks from Melanie Morgan-Oakes’ book on knitting two socks on one needle (I’m cheating and making one sock on one needle and the other sock on another needle because I’m not familiar with the technique). Anyway, I’ve made many hats in the round that started with ribbing. After the ribbing ended, I switched to knitting every row and got stockinette ON THE OUTSIDE of the hat, as one would expect. I’ve finished the ribbing on these socks and started the stockinette … but I’m getting garter on the outside and stockinette in the inside. I can’t figure out why. Should I just turn the socks inside out and proceed? Am I doing something wrong? The ribbing is fine and the technique is working out well. So, I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mom of 3 and grandmom of 2 (if these socks succeed, the baby will end up with the socks)


All I can think of at the moment is to say to be sure when you’re knitting, that the needles point to you, or that the yarn comes from the back as you start. For the longest time, when doing socks, I would always seem to be knitting at the back of the work, rather than the front.

That being said, some people prefer to knit “inside out” and it works well. Just remember to flip it when you get to the heel, and when you’re in the round again, you can flip it back to inside out.

I think you could probably just turn them inside out and proceed. What you’re doing differently, I’m guessing, is that you’re knitting stitches off the needle that is farther away from you, rather than knitting off the needle that is closer to you. When you told the work with the needle tips pointing to the right, you should be pulling the needle tip from the back and using it to knit stitches off the needle in the front.