Magic Loop or Two Circs?

I have both books for knitting two at a time socks (one uses one long circ, the other uses two circs). My LYS said I should try both methods and see which one I like the best.

I decided to try the one circ first, so last night I practiced Magic Loop. I knit a stockinette stitch swatch for about 6 inches. I was surprised that ML is so easy! However, my fingers got SO sore from moving the stitches around so much and pulling the needles in and out of the stitches. I used an Addi, so the needle was slick, but I still found it tedious to constantly move the stitches and needles.

Is this normal? Does it get better in time? Or maybe this just isn’t the right method for me?

Now I’m wondering if I should even bother with the two circ method, or does this method have less ‘moving around’ of the stitches?

I don’t know ML so I can’t compare the 2 methods.

I use 2 circs all the time and love it. There’s no moving stitches around. You keep half the sock on each needle and there it stays until you graft the toe…or bind off the top, depending on which end of the sock you start with (toe up or cuff down).

I’ve not tried two circs but I know dpns is WAY less moving around, which is a primary reason I use it. I HATE Magic loop, but I use it when I don’t have dpns for stuff (because I don’t have two sets of Options, so I only have one size of each needle time). ML is way annoying IMHO, and I don’t find it gets any less of a hassle. It may not hurt your hands as much with practice as you get used to it, but it still may be highly annoying.

Oh, but Rachel, you do have 2 circ needles the same size! Here is the info fromthe Denise site telling how:

[COLOR=“Blue”]Make a pair of matching circular needles out of one kit! If you want a pair of circular needles in the same size, just use the correct size tip on the end held by your right hand. Use a smaller size tip on the left side. This works because your gauge is determined entirely by the right hand tip, which receives the loop and whose circumference determines its size.[/COLOR]

Same theory will work no matter which interchangable set you have.

OH YEAH! JACKPOT! So I’ll never have to use the dreaded ML ever again!!! I forgot you could do this :smiley: You’re my best friend, officially.

lol And I love the way you said it “Oh, but Rachel…” lol Like you’re bringing me back to the straight and narrow, and bringing me out of disillusionment. Truly you did! hehe Love it!

It’s witchcraft I tell you! WITCHCRAFT!!! :slight_smile:

LOL :aww:

Thank you so much. I’m so glad you posted because I wasn’t even going to try 2 circs since I thought it would be similar to ML.

Rachel, you crack me up! Annoying is a very good word for it. I really thought I’d prefer ML because of using only one cicular needle, but I’m just not lovin’ it.

Oh, thanks for posting! I did not realize you could do that.

I tried ML and prefer two circs, but either one works fine. It’s a matter of personal preference. Give both of them a good try before deciding.

Oh and no matter what method you do you need to move the stitches. Even DPNs.

I really like magic loop and use it to knit all kinds of stuff including sweater sleeves, hats and of course socks. The two sets of circs leave way too much stuff dangling around for my taste.

I went ahead and started the two socks on one long circ yesterday. It is going better than I thought it would, and I’m already at the heel turn. I’m knitting the child-size sample socks recommended in the book, so it isn’t due to being a fast knitter.

It is fun and challenging to learn new things, but I’m really missing my dpns! I still want to try the 2 cirs method though, to see if I like it better.

I tried ML and 2 circs yesterday.
It was as bad as I figured for both, but I think for very small tubes (like fingers) I like it better than DPNs, but for socks on up I like DPNs better.

When I was doing 2 circs I kept grabbing the wrong needle and going into ML somehow. I guess that means ML is my preferred method :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat with you! I have both of those books, and just started with trying the magic loop method. I’ve only gotten hmmm… two rounds done so far. I’ve knit several pairs of socks using dpns, but I like to challenge myself with learning new stuff. So far it’s kind of fiddly, but I’m hoping that as I get used to magic loop it’ll go faster than what I’m currently doing! LOL! Then, when I finish this pair I want to try using two circs…just so that I can compare each method’s pluses and minuses.

Good luck!

Of the two, I prefer the Magic Loop. I never get ladders when I do it that way. I like 2 circs okay, but I had a problem grabbing the wrong needle and I don’t care much for the other needle dangling down.

Well, I’m not feeling as optimistic now. I got all the way to picking up stitches for the gusset, and now I’m lost. My stitches aren’t in the same place as the pictures in the book, and I’ve followed the directions word-for-word.

It must be the book, it couldn’t possibly be me, right? Ha! I’ve made socks on dpns with no problem, so I understand the anatomy of a sock, but this is not making sense to me. :??

I think the problem is having two socks going on at the same time and always having to move the stitches around to work on one and then the other. You really have to concentrate or you can easily get lost.

ML really isn’t that hard, when working on one item. I’m tempted to unravel and knit one sock at a time using ML – but I want to knit TWO AT A TIME! :pout:

[COLOR=blue]Morning! I have knitting socks using 2 circs but broke one of my knit Picks Options so had to go with magic loop until a replacement came… I found Magic Loop very cumbersome… 2 cirs seems to go so smoothly. :)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Good luck! [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sebago, me[/COLOR]