Magic Loop Method: Preference?

I’ve noticed quite a few members mentioning in their posts that they are using the Magic Loop method for their project. I’ve never used this method, but am wondering if it’s something I might be interested in trying for a future project.

Are there particular types of projects that this method is best suited for? What’s your preference?

It’s used in place of dpns or where you don’t want to use or don’t have a shorter circ. It’s just a method of using a long needle to knit smaller items. It works for hats, socks, sleeves, mitts, anything that’s a small diameter tube.

I use it for all small diameter knitting. Haven’t used DPNs for anything in years.

Thanks for the reply! Is this just a preference, or do you find it easier?

It may be easier for an individual, so then it becomes a preference.

I find you don’t get poked so much…there are only 2 points at which you may get looser stitches (as apposed to the 3 or 4 points on DPNS), it is easier to do colourwork or stitch patterns cause you are able to work across more stitches one one needle.

In the end, it boils down to preference. I find they are equally “easy”.

I also like it because when I am in the car, I feel a little less worried about the car needing to stop suddenly. Two needles on cable are far less dangerous then 4-5 needles poking out everywhere! But that is just an aside!

I love doing socks on it!

I use a very long cable so that I can knit the sides and back of a sweater all at once. That way I’m sure everything will match up (incs, decs, length). Nice for doing two sleeves at once too.

Thanks for all your advice! I suppose I’ll just have to try both and see which I prefer!

Its definately a preference. I use magic loop because I don’t have to deal with those extra needles dangling around, plus you don’t have to worry about accidentally slipping stitches off the dpns. Those are my reasons for using it.

I get really frustrated with dpns because of the extra needles getting in my way. I know this isn’t an issue for a lot of people. It’s just the way that I prefer it.

I use magic loop the most but sometimes I will get the hankering to knit on my dpns…I find them both to be very easy…I do think ML is faster…now for fingers in gloves I still go to my dpns…I find the cable gets more in my way…

A lot of people like to knit on a 32" cable…but I found that was too much cable…most of my ML is done on 24" cables

I can do ML on 24" cables for most things, but I prefer a 32" cable. I started with ML because I didn’t want to buy DPNs in the sizes I already have with my Options set. :mrgreen:

I eventually bought small size DPNs for socks, but I still to this day use ML for everything above a size 2. I’ve only made 2 pairs of socks and yes I do have the hang of using DPNs at this point, but I think my next pair will be ML. I don’t like that if you drop a DPN it rolls away. If you drop a cable needle you just pull it back over to you by the cable! :slight_smile: