Magic loop ladders

I have just learned magic loop and also Judy Becker’s toe up cast on. I love the cast on, but I have terrible ladders up each side of the toe of my sock! I am pulling tightly, but to no avail. Also, since one set of stitches is on the cable, pulling tightly causes the stitches to be so tight that it is almost impossible to slide them back onto the needle. Please help.

Pulling tight can make them worse, and they may not be as bad as you think. Most of the time they even out with washing, though it may take a couple of washes. What helps prevent them is rotating the sts around the needle so the loops aren’t between the same sts all the time. When you finish the sts on a left needle, continue on with the same right needle a couple more sts before looping it; do this for both sets of sts every 2 or 3 rounds. You will need a marker for beg of round if you haven’t used one as that won’t be the first st of one set of sts any more.

Thank you! I will try that. One more question. I am starting a pair of toe-up socks and I am increasing at each end. (actually, one stitch in on both ends of each needle). If I move the stitches around, wouldn’t that make my increase at the wrong point? (I am knitting in the front and back of the second and next to last stitch on each needle). I am using one circular and magic loop. (Judy Becker cast on).Thank you, ever so much!:knitting:

Use markers in the sts to mark where you do the incs, or put the markers on the needle between the sts.

Now I feel really stupid. So I still increase at the same points every time. I’m just moving the circle around. I guess, eventually, it will move all the way around. Thank you!

Yep, that’s right.

You don’t need to pull tight on magic loop like you do with DPNs. That’s why you can’t get those stitches on the needle. I’m actually doing my first pair of toe up socks right now using the same cast on. I tried toe up socks awhile back and couldn’t make it work, but this cast on is awesome.

I think you’ll probably not notice the ladder as much as you think once you finish the socks.