Magic Loop knitting

After viewing Amy’s magic loop video several times I have just finished 18 rows of K1 P1 ribbing for the sleeve of a sweater. I’m now ready to change needle sizes and change to stockinette stitch. It looks as if I’ll be knitting on the inside of the sleeve, as it did when I did the ribbing. Is this correct or did I mess up somehow? If this is correct, will I be okay doing the sleeves and then turning them inside out before joining to the body of the sweater. This is supposed to be a seamless sweater, which is the reason for the magic loop knitting to start with-that plus the fact that DPNs terrify me. But I obviously don’t want to have purl every row. Thanks for any suggestions. :?? :?? :??

It sounds like you might be knitting inside out. This is not a big deal, as some people intentionally do it that way. If you scroll down to almost the bottom of this link:

you can see whether you are inside out or not, and how to fix it if you’d rather not work that way.

Thanks so much. I did as you suggested and am knitting along with no problem. I just can’t figure out how I got confused to begin with! Anyway, thanks a bunch! :muah:

:cheering: Glad you’re back on track!