Magic Loop knitting Questions

So I have used magic loop knitting using my Denises with some success on a hat (for the decrease part).

Gosh I :heart: my Denises

Anyway, I like to make things such as mittens and eventually socks. Are there certain lengths of circular needles that are best for these types of projects? And how would a thumb gusset work in magic loop?



Check out Amy’s videos here on magic loop. magic loop is best done with a reeeeeeeeeeeeally long circ, like 40 inches. (that’s my experience, anyway)

On the same page is a video for knitting with two circular needles… this is my preferred method. It’s great!

[color=blueviolet]I like 40" circs for most projects. With a 40" cord you will get 48", plenty of room for just about every project. I bought the longer cable because I didn’t like combining the shorter cables together. I don’t use Denise’s for socks because the needles are too big for fingering weight yarn. Most socks are made on US 0-3. You just have to remember that ML is just a method. If the project can be made with shorter circs/DPNs it can be made using ML. With mittens you sometimes make the hole mitten and just put the thumb stitches on a holder/waste yarn. When you’ve completed the main part of the mitten, that’s when ML really shines because you pick up those stitches on the holder and pick up the other sts around hole and start knitting. The mittens I’ve just finished had 12 sts, 7 on the holder and 5 around the hole, and I think it would suck working those on DPNs especially with the decrease at the tip of the thumb.[/color]

I’m making a pair of socks ML with a 40" cable and there is plenty of room for both of them.

Denise will sell you extra-long cords to add to your set.
They come up to 52" long and cost $6.50.

Here’s their site: