Magic Loop Knitting question


I saw the video on magic loop knitting and I am keen to try it out for finishing off my hats (I hate using double pointed needles!). My question is this: how long does the cable need to be for magic loop knitting, especially to finish off a hat? In the video onthe “advanced techniques page”, I think the knitter uses a 24" cable, but said she was working on a very small piece and said that this was the smallest size needle that would work. If anyone who uses magic loop knitting to finish hats has any suggestions, please let me know!

Many thanks in advance for your help.

I’ve used a 24" for a hat. When I first began decreasing I pulled the cord out only on one side, though you could do the 2 sided ML. When it got less than
30 stitches, the ML worked well.


I usually use a 40" needle for my magic looping.

Are you buying new circs, or do you already have some? If you already have some, try them out. If you’re planning to shop for new ones, I think most people find 40" optimal for most applications, though I’ve certainly gone shorter without any problem.

Thanks everyone for your help!

I was planning to buy the Knit Picks Options Needles ( that were recommended. It looks like the set comes with a 24" and 32" cable, so I was wondering if I should buy an extra cable at the same time. An extra cable is only $4, so I think I would like to pick up the 40" cable, too.

I’d pick up the extra cable. I’m working on a spiral blanket that gets bigger every round, and I used a 24" BOYE circular for the ML until it got big enough that I could just do it in the round and not worry. It was awkward, I’ll tell you, for all the reasons listed in the boye circular thread, but it was doable!

Remember though, that if a cable is 40" long, when you add the points to it, it becomes a 46-48" circular. So if you want to end up with a 40" needle, That’s what the 32" cable will make.


I just got my options yesterday and I ordered two extra 47 inch cables or so I thought but they come two in a package so I actually got 4 I aleays use magic loop instead of double points now and I found that length to be good for me I have short clumsy fingers so it might just be me!

Not an issue for options, because according to KP site: “Final cable length is achieved when both needles and cables are secured together.”

I think it’s just less confusing to label them that way.

I didn’t know that. I thought it was like the other sets where cable + tips = stated length.