Magic Loop knitting .. LOVE!

Alrighty, so ive been trying how to do small circular knitting on double pointed needles. The general trickyness of that plus my dyslexia is making is rather tricky haha!

But wonders of all wonders, MAGIC LOOP KNITTING! Oh my! I cannot believe how wonderful this little invention is! It just … just … makes so much more sense to me then the whole 64 double pointed needles sticking out all over the place thing!

I just wanted to ask though, whats the difference between the two methods and what they can do? Can you do everything on a magic loop that you could do on double pointed needles? Or does it have limitations? I really hope I can make it do everything that dp’s can do, because wow, then ive really got some knitting to do! points to pile of dpn patters just waiting to be knitted

Ooh, off to practice some more with this magical method! Any info or help muchly appreciated, thanks guys :slight_smile:


EDIT: Yes I have seen the video on here, thats how I learnt, its amazing :smiley:

I think you can do the same things with ML as dpns. Sleeves, hats, socks…

Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Im just wondering if all the stitches are the same, increasing and decreasing etc are all done in the regular way?

Could I follow a pattern made for dpn’s on my magic loop method? Or would it need altering ?


I’m not a sock knitter but I use Magic Loop for babies’ hats.

There’s a link here that should give you more info. about knitting various items with ML.

There are tons more links if you just Google ‘Magic Loop’.


Thanks for all the links! I keep looking at all of the information on the Magic Loop and I am going to give it a go! I am currently working on my first socks on 2 circulars, which I like very much, but ML is my goal!

i really like ML myself. I used the method following Silver’s original sock class and simply followed the directions the same as if I were using DPNs. It only took some minor alterations in placements when doing some of the stuff like picking up the stitches after doing the gussett, but that was a pretty minor matter of moving some of the stitches around. It was pretty obvious. I prefer ML for socks.

The biggest advantage of ML is that you’re far less likely to have laddering problems.

I love ML! I first tried socks on dpn’s and hated it. Then I did the 2 circ method and that was ok but ML is IT for me!! I learned it w/Silver’s ML tutorial on her site. I’m currently knitting some socks and the directions are for dpn’s so I’m just mentally note that needles 1 & 2 are the first needle and 3&4 are the second one. Works really well. :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much for all the replys :slight_smile:

And no, im not knitting anything exciting like socks, im knitting the body’s of little animals lol xD

I think ill just go off and start a pattern with ML and some scrap wool and see how it goes :smiley:


i think little animals are pretty exciting. plenty of people knit socks, but how many can say they’ve knit up their own farm? :rofl:

it’s pretty cool when you think about it. the wool came from animals, and what are you doing? turning it right back into animals. :thumbsup:

ML TOTALLY ROCKS!!! I haven’t used my dpns once since I discovered ML! :smiley:

Ha ha, Lady! Thats exactly what im doing xD My sister has a few little nephews and nieces etc which are still at the age of loving little animal toys (wait, do we ever grow out of that? xD) and as im going up to visit soon, I figured I would put my spare time to good use and knit them a wee farm! Including hay bales, which of course, are the easiest lol, the animals themselves are a bit more challenging … and ive only been knitting for a few months lol! Coming from a felting background, this is all very different but very exciting!

I think I love this magic loop thing, only problem is, now I have an excuse to go and out buy up a few new cable needles because the ones I have now are kind of too short lol xD

Is magic loop faster than dpn’s? I’m not a huge fan of dpn’s myself; I mean, I’ll use them if I [I][U]have[/U][/I] to, but it just seems like projects take a long time for me on dpn’s, so I get discouraged. Maybe magic loop is the answer for me?

Im just about to try my first ML tomorrow on a Harry Potter scarf for my friend.

I tried DPN’s and had to stop because it was SO frustrating!! I couldnt stand having all the needles everywhere and all over lol.

I am hoping ML is as easy as you all and the video tutorial make it out to be :smiley:

Cook and Ginny, just go and try it if you havnt already! I cannot believe how wonderful this ML thing is, it makes small circular knitting doable! And it gives me a nice excuse to go out and spend my savings on new cable needles because my current ones are too short lol xD

I wish I could buy online, there are some really nice interchangeable sets out there that look amazing, but with no credit card or paypal, looks like ill have to hassle my knitting shop owner to get me some in xD

Yes, in my experience it’s much faster ( although I never knit with speed in mind).

I like ML so much that I gave away all my DPNs. I’ve never found anything that wouldn’t work by ML.