Magic loop knitting--AND NEW QUESTION!

I want to know when knitting the magic loop method for socks are you knitting one sock at a time like with Dpn or two socks at a time?


One sock at a time. Though I have only briefly experimented with magic loop, I think it would be impossible to do two socks at the same time. Anyone else?? :thinking:

Knitqueen thanks! :wink: I have never tried magic loop for socks and was just wondering .

No, it’s not impossible to do two socks at a time with magic loop. I’ve done it. But it’s not as portable as it is with doing one sock as you are constantly sorting it all out! There is an AOL support group for this that has a great wealth of material on it.

heres a pattern/tutorial:

You learn something new every day! :thumbsup:

Thanks ladies your the best :thumbsup:

If there is a way to do 2 socks at once on 1 circ. needle - what is the advantage of using 2 circs. to do 2 socks at once?

I haven’t tried knitting socks yet, and I’d like to try to learn to do so using the “best” method.

Also, is toe up easier for beginners?


IMHO, neither one is easier than the other. I learned top down first…which is what most of the tutorials I know of show. I like the toe up better though, because you can just keep knitting until you use up the ball of yarn, rather than having to hope you end up with enough left once you get to the toe.

thanks - any opinion on the 1 circ. vs. 2 circ. question??

here’s a tutorial I found on the magic loop with 2 socks
I’ve worked strictly with dpns; but am about to start with 2 socks on 2 circs in the next week or 2; after I order my needles; but will experiment with larger ones (needles) in the meantime. Now having actually done either one I can’t honestly say, but IMHO, it looks as though 2 socks on 2 circs would be easier than 2 socks at a time with the magic loop method. I was considering giving them both a go; but I am going with 2 socks on 2 circs; personal preference I suppose. That is…if I make it there bc I’m a die hard dpn sock knitter; but am willing to give the circs a chance :wink: ; I’ll probably love them!
I don’t know if there is a ‘best’ method, Becky, I, obviously started with dpns and with the cuff down; my socks that I begin tomorrow (hopefully) will be my 1st toe up, simply bc I enjoy the cuff down method. Look around a bit at the sites & tutorials & perhaps you can decide what appeals to you. Truthfully, as far as I know, there are more beginning tutorials and such with dpns and cuff down, that I have seen. Let me know and I will send you a bunch of links :smiley: