Magic Loop Is Great

I’ve started my second sock but this time I’m doing it on my new Options using the magic loop method. I really like this technique. It’s so much faster and easier than using 4 DPNs.

I can see this sock going much faster using this technique.

I started using magic loop before I learned DPNs and it does work very well! It actually helped me work with DPNs when I finally got brave enough to try.

I guess I’m just bass-ackwards. :rofl:

I’ve never used DPNs. :teehee: :shrug:

I don’t know why, but I can’t get the hang of magic loop. I’m a wiz on DPNs though. My first FO was on DPNs.


Are there instructions somewhere for making socks using magic loop?

What is magic loop?

Amy has a video here about how to use magic loop. I’m simply adapting Silver’s Sock Class to that technique. When I get to doing the heel flap I plan to simply slip the other stitches off to DPNs and cap them to keep the stitches in place while I work the heel flap. Shouldn’t be too difficult.


Asked before checking…


I tried Magic Loop first, like Jan. I like DPNs, but I’ll stick with ML because I find that easier and I prefer to use my Options for everything. I have too many DPN sets to justify getting the KP ones. :pout:

I can’t find the magic loop video :??

On the Advanced Techniques page, third one down under Small Diameter Circular knitting.


Duh! Thanks I looked at that page like 3 times too!! :doh:

I’d like to try my next pair of socks on ML, but I really like dpns. Does everyone really love the ML that much?? Should I take the plunge? And if I do plunge, how long should I have the cable be?


So far ML sure seems a lot easier and faster to me. For this sock I’m just using the size 6 Option needles and the 32" cable.

Thanks, Mason. You may have inspired me to give it a go. :cheering:

There’s no harm in trying a new technique or needle. But, if you’re happy with what you are doing now, then there’s no reason to change either.

I’ll be making new sock tutorials soon. I’ll do a ML tute, 2 circs tute, and more. I know I have to update… 4 DPNs is soooo 2006. :doh:

If you have the “top of foot” stitches on one half of the needle, and the “bottom of foot” stitches on the other side of the loop, you won’t need to do anything with the “top” stitches. You can just leave them on that part of the cable and work the heel back and forth on the “bottom” part.

I look forward to seeing them.