Magic Loop + Instep socks

Has anyone done a sock with an instep (picking up stitches along the heel flap edge) in magic loop?

It has just occurred to me that the only socks I have done magic loop have had the short row heel in it…

I assume that it would be possible…but I am just trying to figure out the first round around the instep…

I’m not sure how you’re supposed to do it with ML.

But when I do the heel flap/pick up stitches with 2 circs, I just ingore the needle holding the top of the foot stitches and work with the heel needle, working flat. Can you just leave the top foot sections in the middle of the needle ann work back/forth w/the 2 ends on the heel stitches?

Here are a ton of free magic loop patterns on Ravelry

(scroll to the bottom of the page)

That is how I do all of my socks ,you just hold the sock with the ribbing to your left and pick up down the side of the flap then switch to the instep needle and knit across that or do whatever pattern you are doing then pick up on the other side of the heel flap then knit half of the halfway across the heel stitches and make that your new starting point so half of the instep stiches will be on each needle…ok I am going to breath now…Does that make sense??

Try this site


that last one was probably the best example…thank you…I will really have to try it to fully understand it though!!!

Definitely. Its one of those things that are fairly apparent once you sit down to do them.

I’ve only done socks ML and this is exactly how I do it. I figured it out on my own, but I wish I’d seen this link when I was trying to figure it out for myself! :wink:

Yeah…that is easy…now that i have done it once…

Although…for the number of stitches I like in my gusset…I think I prefer the three loop method…