Magic Loop Help

Hello! I am just learning how to do the magic loop technique and seriously have watched every youtube video out there. I really feel like I am doing exactly what the video is showing but for some strange reason I keep getting this big long strand of yarn every time I finish a side. I am trying to make the neck piece for a sweater. It is 76 stitches in length.

What am I doing wrong??

-One confused new knitter

Welcome to KH. Is your needle long enough? I think 32" is the shortest recommended and longer might be better. It needs to be long enough that you can get the cable holding the stitches you just finished close to the tip of the needle holding the next stitches to be worked. Try snugging up the second and third stitches on the “new” needle tip.

This is called laddering and is common with knitting in the round. With a bit of attention to how the first stitches on a side are worked you can minimize and maybe eliminate it.

Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:
My needles are only 29" and it does require a lot of stretching, however, the pattern itself says “ideally use 24 or longer” so I thought I would be okay with 29s but, I will go out and purchase longer needles and see what happens!
Thank you!!

Magic loop is great, I use it all the time. You could try this method: Traveling Loop Method For Magic Loop: One Loop Only You can also knit circularly with two needles. You might be interested in trying this method, some people prefer it, I botch it up every time I try. Whatever works for you!

A 24" needle recommendation for magic loop is odd. A needle that length makes me think it was not intended that you do magic loop at all. What pattern are you doing? Could you give us a link please.

There is no link to the pattern, unfortunately. I had to purchase it then print it. It says, “use any size circular needle, ideally 24” or longer. A circular needle will require you to do a magic loop. Cast on 76 stitches and join them in the round, diving the stitches evenly". That is the first step, and where I am stuck.

I’m not very good at picturing what you mean by a long strand when you finish each row. Likewise I am not very good at describing what I see/do while knitting. I am a very visual learner/teacher.

I only use 40" needles with a very flexible cable for magic loop. I just tried magic loop with a shorter circ and couldn’t make it work. With 76 stitches could you use a shorter circular needle and not have to do magic loop? Or could you just transfer it all to double points or even use two circulars?

It’s too bad there wasn’t a way to post pictures eh? But thanks so much for taking the time to try and see if you could make it work :slight_smile: !
I think pretty soon I’m going to give up and learn how to use double point needles instead, I just cannot wrap my head around this magic loop concept.

Elle24 - personally magic loop is most helpful when making two like items. I make socks 2 at a time on magic loop, mittens, fingerless gloves etc. I find it to be of limited use on singular items. For me it is faster to just use a shorter needle or DPN’s. I may be alone in this one, but I rather enjoy DPN’s.

Elle, if you want to post a photo, here’s how to