Magic Loop help

Ok Ive watched the video and casted on my stitches and I can get as far as she shows but then what? Ive knitted half my stitches but now what? do I need to bring all my stitches to the middle again and divide them in half again and then repeat? It doesnt seem very quick to me :cry: Maybe Im doing it wrong still. Ive also read this this tutorial and it doesnt make anymore sense to me. Can anyone help?

Welcome hiptobeme!

It sounds like the video may have been one of the quirky ones that I’ll be re-formatting as soon as I can. What’s happening is that some videos won’t play all the way through, but then, often, if you try viewing it a second time, it will play all the way through.

That video, when played all the way through, shows a couple rows of knitting, I’d say, after the cast on.

Sorry for the quirky videos.

Thanks Amy I downloaded the video to me computer an lo and behold the video is actually over 3 mintues long not the 1.55 which it kept playing at :slight_smile: I think I “get it” now and I will definately try again later today.