Magic Loop Help?!?!

I’ve just recently picked knitting back up, and though I was never really good at it in the first place, I’ve chosen to retry since the finish is always so beautiful when you knit. I’m trying to knit in the round with the magic loop technique, and I keep having trouble where my seam should be. It’s just a lot of long stretched yarn, and a huge gap basically. I’ve tried ignoring it and going up in my rounds to see if it closed, but it doesn’t. What am I probably doing wrong to make this happen? (T_T)


Hi! Could you provide us with a link or the name of the pattern?

This is the pattern I’m doing, but even when I try to practice on a much smaller scale (20 st) I have the same problem, even with just a knit row.

This does sound like a technique problem. I try to tighten up a bit on the join in magic loop but @Jan_in_CA may have more useful advice.
This video addresses at least one cause of the ladders.

(I guess I just like the visual behind Stacey.)

I gotta say, her video definitely showed me what I was doing wrong. Thanks for your response you really helped me out there. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few ideas -

~Whenever you can start the new stitch after the “join” with a knit stitch. I do this even if it makes the sides uneven.

~Make sure your cable is long enough. Too short a cable is a big problem because there’s not enough “loop” for your magic loop and it wants to separate. This caused the biggest problems for me. For 80 stitches on a hat I use a 40" cable.

~ Kind of use your little fingers to hold the join together at least while you knit the first half dozen stitches. I just kind of keep it held together all the time …second nature now.

~ When you are knitting the first stitch hold the two needle together. That will shorten up that loose thread.

If you want I can have hubby take a picture or two of how I do it. :slight_smile:

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I’ve made that pattern a long time ago. The sweater body was way too form fitting for mine to put up with taking it off. I used the short row chest, but ribbed, on my own version of dog sweaters with a split belly.
If you do Ravelry groups you probably need The Knitterly Dachshund group, more Doxy than knitting.

I actually avoid the magic loop ladders by doing what the video blames them on. I pull that stitch tight against the cord.