Magic loop help - Working yarn on the wrong needle?

Hi, I need some help with magic loop. I was a couple rounds in knitting ribbing and was finishing up a round to start the next one, but realized that the working yarn was in the first (front) needle instead of the second (back) needle like it’s supposed to to start knitting. Anyone know the reason to this?

This actually happened to me before and I just frogged my work and started over, but it’s getting kinda frustrating having this happen again, and having no idea why. Am I doing something wrong? Did I accidentally turn anything? Sorry I don’t have a picture.

Without a picture we are not able to do much else than to guess. Make sure you have not turned your work inside out. If everything is right then ripping would go counter-clockwise around the work. You could even try to rip a couple of stitches just to verify.

If that is not the case, maybe you have just somehow slipped the stitch over to the left needle?

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