HELP!! I have been trying to learn magic loop to knit the Persian Dreams blanket, as I go from round to round I am have a long vertical line of yarn that comes up the side of each edge. Im sure i am doing something wrong when I knit with the working yarn but what??? I have been trying this non stop for 5 days! Any ideas??

Lovely pattern. We need the magic loop expert @Jan_in_CA

Maybe a photo of the problem would help. You can use the up arrow at the top of the Reply box to begin uploading a photo.

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Oh yeah! I totally forgot about technology!!! see the long strings on the right and left?
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 8.33.56 AM.png

It looks as though the join of the two needles at each end isn’t tight enough. If that’s so, see if these videos help:

thank you! i have watched those and am pulling tight. is it possible when i go to knit at the beginning of the round im not working my working yarn right?

You should just be working the usual knit or purl stitch so I’m not sure what you could be doing wrong. I make sure the cable is close to the needle and pull a slight bit on that first stitch. Sounds like you’re doing that. For me, it’s better to work a knit stitch if possible at the beginning of the needle but that may just be a personal preference. I also try to keep too much tension off the loop area so that sts aren’t stretched out.

Try working that first stitch and see if you can tell where the extra yarn is coming from.
If you can’t get it to work, you can always go to 2 circular needles.

youre the best! thanks!