Magic Loop Hat

Hi! I took a class at my Mom’s LYS and we learned how to do magic loop - it was really confusing at first, but now I love it!! I haven’t been knitting for very long and I was deathly afraid of dpns!! So, this was perfect for me!! :slight_smile: I had so much fun, I made a 2nd one for my friend! :teehee:

They look fantastic! Looks like you really got the technique down. The colors are great too. :yay:

Very cute!!!

Amanda… I love the hats!! DPN’s freak me out too!!!

Magic Loop is great, especially for socks, hats, or any time you would use dpn’s. The hats are really cute, good work!

Thanks! I just used Yarn Bee Soft Illusions from Hobby Lobby - It is a super chunky yarn with an eyelash wrapped around it - the first hat was red yarn with a variagated purple, turquoise and yellow and the 2nd hat was white with purple, pink and green. My mom and sister picked on me when I bought the yarn for the first one, they thought the colors were too bright and didn’t go well together, but they liked the hat when I finished it!

I really like doing magic loop, but I think I would have had a hard time learning it if I hadn’t taken a class. And, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to take a class if my mom hadn’t taken it too! Too bad I had to come home after the holidays! I will have to find my own LYS!

Those are so pretty, great job!

They look great! Congrast on learning ML too! That’s my method of choice for small diamter knitting. :slight_smile: Glad you got your first taste of classes too. See, they aren’t all that scary are they? Hope you take some more now that you’re home.

Lovely hats!

I think I am odd… I found ML and 2 circs more fumbly than dpns… I’m glad that there is a way we can all do it and enhoy knitting!

Great job Amanda! The hats are really nice! Magic loop and I didn’t get along for the longest time. I can see you picked it up really well. Way to go!!:yay:

think I am odd… I found ML and 2 circs more fumbly than dpns… I’m glad that there is a way we can all do it and enjoy knitting!

You are right - I think it is great that there are different ways to achieve the same result!! :woohoo: Totally fun!!

I am really digging this magic loop thing and I think I might be addicted to hats! I knit an entire hat while I watched the Super Bowl!! Oh- so it was Wool Ease Thick n Quick and size 13 needles, but still! I did the whole thing from cast on to bind off! :happydance:

That’s really awesome! I’ve got magic loop on the to-do list for this year. I think it will change my knitting! :happydance:

They look great :thumbsup: Nice, cheerful colors, too!

Great job!!

I love magic loop!!! I just finished my second pair of mitten with magic loop, it is soooooo much easier than dpn’s.

:happydance: You did a great job!

So cute, MrsP! Admirable of you to take those classes and learn a new technique! Just great!

Nice projects. It is good to learn ML (although DPNs are not hard). I agree that it was good to learn in person. I tried for a long time looking at still tutorials and could never get it. Then ArtLady taught it to me in a few minutes when I met her.

Both hats look so cute! You did a great job :thumbsup: