Magic Loop Gloves

I am knitting my first pair of gloves using the magic loop method. I have already set aside the thumb stitches and I am knitting up to the fingers part.

Does anybody have a link to a video on how to knit the fingers on gloves using the magic loop method?

Or perhaps some tips??

I have searched around the internet a lot and the only tips and videos seem to deal with socks or with fingerless mitts. That or somebody just posts a picture of the finished project.

I wish somebody would make a video or screen captures that showed how to do the fingers part of the gloves.

Any help or advice would be helpful.


I usually do my gloves with magic loop but once I get to the fingers I work them on dpns, cause the # of sts for each finger is usually pretty small. The other sts that I’m not working stay on the magic loop needle…

If you wanted to work them on magic loop then you could either use another needle to work the fingers or if you don’t have another needle…place the extra sts on scrap yarn and then work the fingers as needed on magic loop. It might be awakward though due to the amt. of sts…:thumbsup: