Magic loop from Knitpicks

anyone has this booklet ? does it show picture and and illustration using to knit sock and stuff ??

thanks … i want your advice before buying this booklet

thank you

Don’t know about this ML booklet, but have you seen Silvers’ tutorial on ML - 2 sock at one time?

I don’t have the link handy, sorry. But’s there is a posting in KAL forum with a link to her site.

Thank you ! i am glad that you guys told me about those free website on ML

thank you

The one by Beverly Galeskas? Don’t buy it. I did years ago, and it wasn’t good.

good to know :notworthy:

I have it and what a waste of money :!!!: Little paper book for $7.00 :!!!: Use the free stuff :happydance:

Yeah, one thing I forgot to mention was the cost. Why pay $7 for something you can get for free online?

d’oh! i have my brand new copy of the booklet. was completely unaware there were free versions round the net. duh. :oops:

A total waste of MONEY! I paid $7.50 for 8 pages of letter sized (A4) paper stapled in the middle like we used to do in elementary school. The kicker, I did not learn how to use ML until studying Amy’s FREE videos on ML & knitting with two needles.

And for one thing, the pictures suck and the instructions are horrible!