Magic loop for pants?

I’m about to knit some pants for our little boy and was wondering if I can use magic loop for the waistband and body portion on the pants? Or would that be too confusing with the increases? I was thinking about buying an interchangeable set from knit picks and was wondering if I could make it work on those even though they don’t come with a 16" cable like the pattern calls for. Thanks!

You can buy the 16" KP needles separately. I bought the sizes I use most for hats or other small items. If you want to do magic loop and are considering the KP needles I suggest ordering a set of 40" in cables as well. It makes ML easier IMO, but it can be done on 32" and some people prefer that.

And yes, there’s no reason why you can’t use ML. Just use markers to help you remember where decreases, etc are. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your help! The only reason I didn’t want to just go ahead and order the 16" needles is because I have trouble getting gauge, I must seriously be a tight knitter or something because I can’t ever seem to get gauge with the suggested needle size or even the next size up, so I don’t even know for sure which size needles I’ll need for the project. Lol I feel like I make everything more difficult than it should be!

That’s why interchangeables are good and multiples of others. You can add to the over time though which is really nice.

You probably don’t need something as long as a 40" needle, I find the cord gets in the way. Probably around a 32-36" will work.