Magic Loop Explanation

what is magic loop?

just curious.

It’s using one long circular needle to work on a small diameter object in the round.

ok cool! i’ll check the video out.

what are the pros and cons?

I just bought the booklet at a shop I frequent when going to and from the Twin Cities… I am intrigued by this method now…
I think on some of my simple baby hats I made way back for fun for the nephs and a friends new baby I was doing some sort of frankensteined version of pulling my cable out a bit to accommodate making the cast on round just a few stitches smaller for baby size… who knew! :??

I love magic loop. I’m okay with double pointed needles too but I have problems with the stitches ‘laddering’ where the needles switch and I couldn’t figure out a solution. I have not had that problem at all with magic loop and to me it just feels less awkward. You’re only dealing with two needle points so to me it feels like “normal” knitting. One tip if you do decide to give magic loop a try is to have a long enough cable needle and one with a FLEXIBLE cable. I don’t do magic loop on anything less than a 40" circular.

i’m having that problem right now with a pair of socks. i’m using 4 needles and knitting with the 5th. there are 2 spots where i have to purl onto the next needle and it’s so loose there and bugging the crap outta me! i’m really trying to tighten it up, but it’s not working.

[color=blueviolet]The cons to Magic Loop are you need a very long needle at least 36" but I find 40" and longer to be better. The needle’s cable has to be a very flexible. You can’t do ML on the Boye Needlemaster set but that’s more of a con for the Needlemaster set than it is for ML. The pros are you don’t need DPNs to do very small diameter knitting like fingers in gloves. It pretty much eliminates ladders although some people still get them. You don’t need to worry about DPNs falling out of your work. ML works just beautifully with the Denise set. I’ve just made a hat and matching mittens with 40" cord and size 15 tips, pictures are coming soon. If your really interested in this technique you should join the Yahoo! Magic Loop Group. They have a lot of good resources like converting patterns written for DPNs to ML. Check out this webpage too. I learned that you really don’t need the Magic Loop booklet to learn the method. I say save your money because it’s not worth it. The three patterns in the book aren’t spectacular, IMO, and everything you need to know can be found on the web.[/color]

What’s the reasoning behind the magic loop not working with Boye’s Needlemaster? I’m wanting to get a set of interchangeables, and I love magic loop and I had decided on Boye’s instead of Denise’s, but now this has me worried?! :frowning:

The NeedleMaster cables are SO stiff that it makes it nearly impossible. Believe me, I’ve tried…AND their cables are not long enough so you have to join two cables together which is a major pain in the you know where with the NeedleMaster, they do NOT make a nice smooth join. :frowning:

[color=Blueviolet]KnitQueen is right on all points. I tried to make it work too. Even when you join to cables together you still don’t get enough flex to make it work. The cable is constantly fighting you. It just CAN’T be done. It’s because of that fact I’ve decided to sell my Needlemaster set and use the money to buy another Denise set. That way I can still do stuff like 3 needle bind off. I have no use for my Needlemaster set. In fact, I even tried to make myself like it despite not being able to use it for ML and I just couldn’t find anything good about it except for the pretty colors.[/color]