Magic Loop Confusion

I normally do socks on dpns, but decided to try magic loop. Went really well until time to pick up and knit after the heel flap. I could not for the life of me figure out how to make it work. I threw in the towel and found my dpns to finish the job.

What’s the method? Thanks!

Hi and welcome to KH!

There is different way to do it, depends on what you are comfy with. Typically on dpns my sock would look like this:
Needle 1: half Heel and gusset sts
Needle 2: Instep sts
Needle 3: Gusset sts and other half Heel sts

With magic loop I put needle 1 and 3 together with a marker in between them (usually where half the heel sts is)…this where I begin the round…

I have also tried have half the heel, gusset, and half the instep and using markers to mark where the instep starts.

A lot of times I will just change the heel to short-row 'cause I like it better than the regular heel…:thumbsup:

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. What I’m really not sure of is how exactly to pick up and knit the stitches. My little sock was all stretched out like a dream catcher. I just couldn’t figure out how to pick up all the stitches and get back to knitting in the round by the magic loop method. Forgive me, I might be misunderstanding your response

:think: I’ve been trying to find some pictures of how to work this but I can’t…I’m working on a sock right now that has this but I’m not down to the heel section that I could take pictures of this yet. I did find this Tutorialthat may help you a bit more :thumbsup: